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austkaye Oct 17th, 2005 09:05 PM

2 days in Kanha National Park
I am spending 2 days in Kanha National park in early December this year. I am booked on morning and afternoon safaris on both days in a jeep. I am after advice on the best ways to use my time to maximise my chances of seeing tigers. Is jeep the best way or elephant or a combination of the two?


austkaye Oct 17th, 2005 09:14 PM

Also, I wish to add another question to this post. Just prior to Kanha, I have a day spare in Delhi. Suggestions on how best to spend this day would be welcome.

hobbes Oct 18th, 2005 04:00 PM

I would suggest doing at least 1 safari on elephant back for the experience coz it is a lot of fun but I think jeep is probably the best way of seeing tigers - all the jeeps are in touch and if one spots a tiger the others quickly congregate in the same area. What kind of things inetrest you in Delhi? Delhi has interesting sightseeing for a day. Or would you like to shop?

01pat23 Oct 18th, 2005 11:43 PM

Hope you are not staying at Kanna Jungle Lodge!!

The National Park is excellent with a terrific range of wildlife. Baur, wild dogs, varied deer and, of course, the tiger. Many rare birds. But the best of all - keep an eye open for a leopard (usually in a tree). I would recommend both jeep and elephant safaris.

Next time try Bandhavgarth National Park!!


austkaye Oct 19th, 2005 07:58 PM

Thanks for your feedback. I would like to spend half of the day in Delhi shopping and the other half sightseeing. I do not leave until just after midnight so I do have a full day.

Thanks for your feedback.
I am not staying at Kanha Jungle Lodge, I am staying at Tuli Lodge. I have chosen Kanha in the hope of seeing both tigers and leopards. Do you have to book an elephant safari?


01pat23 Oct 20th, 2005 11:02 AM


Sorry cannot be too helpful here - I booked this part of my trip with an agent and he arranged all my safari trips. However, I think the 'normal' procedure is that you take a jeep safari and if the 'spotters' see a tiger off the designated motor track - you transfer to an elephant. You need to check this out when you get there. I was there for 4 days and had 3 separate sightings. But -- keep your eyes (and ears) open to see a leopard - I saw one eating his meal in a tree and we watched for about 20 mins. He was very well screened but I zoomed in and have a 'passable' shot of him. Good luck. It's a lovely park.


vp_singh Oct 21st, 2005 10:18 PM

Though I have no experience in Kanha, I am an addictive visitor to the Corbett National Park.
The best policy is to take the morning safari on an elephant. The reason is that all carnivora, after a nights hunt or feeding, retire to the deepest recesses of the jungle for an uninterrupted sleep. These places can be accessible only from the back of an elephant. While, all the herbivores come to the open glades in the evening to feed & to escape from the tiger. The carnivora also follow suit. These places are more amenable to a jeep ride. And yes, you will see the leopard, basking in the sun on a bitterly cold morning perched on a cliff. You can also enhance your chances of seeing a tiger by sitting up on towers over water-holes. Tigers normally wakeup from a slumber at around 2pm & visit the waterhole before embarking on a hunt.

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