We lost our seat assignments!

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We lost our seat assignments!

First, let me say that I know advance seat assignments are not guaranteed - I was repeatedly reminded of this fact by the obnoxious AA customer service supervisor.

Here's the story - We booked three tickets many months ago so that my wife, infant son and I could sit together. Now, after an airline equipment & schedule change, the computer didn't assign us seats on the return legs and we are now seated separately throughout the cabin on our Thanksgiving trip.

The best "solution" that the airline could offer was to advise us to show up extra early that morning and see if the gate agents could persuade two people to switch seats so that we can all sit together, or at the very least have my wife or I sit with our son. I know that there's a good possibility that this will all work out, but I'm still ticked that I have the additional hassle on the busiest travel weekend of the year, and with a three month old to boot. Especially so since we booked well in advance to try to avoid this problem.

So, am I being unreasonable, or do I have a right to be a little peeved?
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You have a right to be peeved, but also have the right to expect it will work out. We had similar thing happen to us several times many years ago when our kids were too young to sit alone. Just as your seats were not guaranteed, others are not as well. Gate agents/ticket counter people seem to understand reality far better than the telephone agents. I have also seen the flight attendants move people around for similar situations.

Since it is on the return leg, I would make a very polite but very big deal out of it when you check in for the flight out - I am betting they will fix it then and you will not have to worry about it over Thanksgiving.

I know it is an additional hassle you tried to avoid by booking early at a busy time - but virtually every flight we have flown in past few years has been full anyway, so other than being extra annoying because of the holiday, it could have happened anytime.

You would think with everything on computers, this would not happen - an airline recently rebooked us because of a flight schedule change on a connecting flight that left BEFORE our first leg was scheduled to land. They fixed it, but how dumb is that!
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I've had similar situations happen to me before. I am sure that if you show up early and explain the situation, there will be enough single travelers whom they will maneuver around to accomodate you. Good luck!
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I wouldn't spend any time worrying about this. Having flown a lot with my kids, including when they were babies, and on plenty of totally full flights since TUL is an AA maintainence hub (so there are lots of non-rev passengers that fill up most empty seats), I have never failed to be able to sit by my kids when I wanted to. Get to the airport early and be really nice--the gate agents will work it out.
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Thanks for the tips. I know that these issues can normally be resolved (having switched my seat for families many times) and I do plan on going early on the outgoing and seeing if the gate agents can straighten it out ahead of time.

My big gripe yesterday was the take it or leave it attitude I got from the reservations agents and the customer service supervisor. A simple "We're sorry you were inconvenienced" would have sufficed. You'd think I would know better by now!
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on the unlikely chance that the airline people will not help you out when you arrive to check in for the flight, whomever is assigned to sit next to your unsupervised infant will surely switch seats with you!
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I suggest not only getting to the airport early but checking out the now-automated check in every airline seems to offer. YOU pick your seats based upon "what's avail." on the touch screen. They might not be the most desirable seats BUT I always see at least two together (the middle and either ailse or window) so that one of you can sit with your child.

Good luck
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