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Trip Report Very bad experience in AMS

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We jsut went back from Argentina and had a transfer in AMS.
It was my worst experience ever in an airport.
I know worst ever are usually a sign to run away from these kind of posts. HHowever I've been through more than 100 airports and have taken more than 1000 flights. I have never been so upset by security guys anywhere.

We had to transit.
We came to the security.
1. We refused to go through the XRays, which didn't please them. Whatever, it is my personal opinion that my health is not going to improve if I go through these machines. Others do what they want, I refuse. Maybe it has no impact. Maybe cigarettes don't give cancer either. Maybe dentists are stupid to protect them and their clients when they do an X Ray. Mistake 1 : they didn't like it/.

2. Since we refused Xray we had to take off our shoes. Which remained about 15 minutes on the conveyors. Happens that they changed shifts whilst our shoes were on the conveyors. Mistake 2 : we asked (politely mind you) if we could have our shoes. Short 'no'.

3. The guy at the start of the line asked us to remove Ipads, keys, whatever. Plus handkerchief. Yes. I had to remove my (used handkerchief) from my pockets, which had to be empty. And put it in the tray. Yes, Disgusting. Yes, never seen it anywhere else. I'll come back to it.

3. 2 baggage were to be inspected - mistake 3 : some liquid stayed in one luggage, the other was ok but had to be inspected. The guy started to yell at my wife to take the handkerchief. Which wasn't hers and she didn't know it was mine. I was still trying to recover my shoes. the guy got angry - he probably found it disgusting. Me too.

4. one luggage had been stored in a locker at Rio and the guys there had put a plastic seal that we were unaware of. Mistake 4. The guy wanted to break open my luggage since he could not open it. We asked for scissor. He had none or so he claimed. So he came with big pincers to break the luggage. I grabbed the luggage and removed the platsic seal with my teeth. Keys worked too, we removed the others later with my keys. I really didn't like it.

5. Mistake 5 : i stopped talking dutch. I was fed up, they had a heavy accent and my wife and daughters don't sepak fluently. The guy didn't like it.

The guy managed to tell my daughter we should better go home, in the country of ours. She is 16. She is not used to being treated like that by little people with a unifrom that makes them feel important.

After 10 minutes we got our shoes back (my daughter and wife were barefoot for that time, i had socks (stinking ones by the way)).

After 20 minutes, we had cleared it. Everyone could go. Except me. I asked why. He said to wait. His boss came. The guy explained his version. I jumped in - in Dutch, which came back to me - to say how sorry I was, that the guy was doing his job, that we had had a long flight, no sleep and that I got upset when he wanted to destroy my luggage. Chief said it was ok. I said it was ok. Guy reluctantly said it was ok.

My wife wanted to sue them for abuse of authority. My daughter was unnerved as I 've never seen her so upset in all my life.

I still managed not to say that obviously the guy was just following rules, like the Nazis did in Auschwitz : David star properly worn, men onb the right to go to work, women and children on the left to go take a shower...

I've flown from more than 100 airports and have never ever met people so disagreeable.
Of course I don't care that none of them didn't say hello. But the guy found we were so impolite... must be the reason he kept us barefoot for 15 min and wanted to break our luggage. I personally find it pure abuse of authority from a petty small minded little clerk who knows he will never achieve anything at work.

So beware of AMS, security guys can be ... special.
Passport control guy was nice - the only one who said hello. At the gate, we just got one word 'passport'.

Shpould I write to the airport ? I've already decided to avoid going via AMS for the rest of my life, so should I bother ? After all they were doing their job. Destroying luggage that they cannot open is probably part of their procedures. And keeping people waiting barefoot during shift change is probably covered by union procedures...

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