Upgrade one way-which way?

Nov 11th, 1999, 11:01 AM
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Upgrade one way-which way?

I finally have enough miles to upgrade to first class on a flight from LAX to London or London to LAX; not enough for round trip.

Which way would you go? Does it matter?

Nov 11th, 1999, 07:11 PM
Cheryl Z.
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I'd say TO London, so you're more fresh for your first day there.
Nov 12th, 1999, 04:51 AM
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I would say on the way back. When going, you are jazzed up and excited, sleeping is a little more difficult. One the trip their you are also in a better mood because of the anticpation that such a trip nrins. However, on the way back, you are tired and irritated that you have to leave. Uograding them makes that part of the trip a bit more tolerable.
Nov 12th, 1999, 08:20 AM
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I vote for on the way there. Those coach seats always bother my back, and I would much rather arrive for the vacation feeling good.
Nov 12th, 1999, 12:24 PM
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Do it LON to LAX, the trip is longer on the way back for an hour and a half, pretty weird, but it has to do with the Earth's rotation!!!
Nov 13th, 1999, 08:29 AM
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I say LON-LAX because coming home is sort of a downer or anticlimactic once the trip is over, so this gives you something to look forward to.

BTW if the route goes over the north pole, earth's rotation would be irrelevent, as would the jetstream, which is the other reason a east-west trip is longer than a west-east one.
Nov 17th, 1999, 07:28 AM
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In general, I like taking the upgrade when I need to sleep, for the room and the dinner, which is the most festive meal. From NYC, that is usually on the "going to" portion of most overseas places. Also, the anticipation of going is heightened. On the way back I've already mentally returned and don't care as much.
Dec 1st, 1999, 06:42 AM
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My vote is for the way there especially if you leave on an evening flight that arrives early in the morning. That way you can sleep on the way there and be ready to go once you reach London. We fly coach, can never sleep and usually end up going to bed around 7:00 because we just can't go any longer.

On the way back, the sun is shining, people are generally awake so its harder to sleep. And besides who cares (except your boss if you have one) if you're jet lagged when you get back
Dec 4th, 1999, 07:52 PM
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My vote would be for the way back. Agree that it's easier to sleep going over than coming back. But, it's coming back when you'll really need the rest after traveling and being out and about all day every day and because of the hours you lose on return. I've found that folks are much crankier on the way home, and it's a lot less likely you'll find screaming children in first class.

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