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Gary Sep 18th, 2000 05:19 PM

Seat pitch and food on BA or AA to LHR
Hi everyone, <BR> <BR>I live in DFW, my girlfriend in NYC. We're going to England etc in OCT. She's a vegetarian, I will eat anything. She wants to fly JFK to LHR on BA, I'd rather go on AA because I have more miles on AA living in DFW. She says the food is better on BA, I don't care except to please her because I adore her. Is it the miles or the love? Any difference in seat pitch between the 2 and their respective aircraft on that route? Plus, we're actually flyin on after LHR to Cork and then surfacing back from Ireland for a wedding in Wales. The cheapest flight from LHR to ORK is a return ticket. Half the price of a 1 way. Can we just toss the return part of the ORK ticket without dire repercussions? Thanks all. <BR>gary

Alpha Sep 19th, 2000 07:43 AM

First, go British for food and comfort and love. As long as the ORK ticket isn't part of your other itineraries (e.g., from DFW/JFK) -- booked and purchased separately -- you shouldn't get into trouble by failing to show up for the second flight. However, if it's in any way hooked into any other ticketing, you're in danger of losing an itinerary.

alan Sep 20th, 2000 04:40 PM

I don't have much experience with AA (being in the detroit area, it's usually NW) but I will say this. Fly BA! They treat you well, feed you well and at 6'2" and 240 lbs, I was comfortable from DTW to LHR. Free English Ale doesn't hurt either. Besides you can get miles for AA on BA, they're in an alliance.

Ryn Oct 6th, 2000 10:06 AM

This should help; article in Chicago Tribune with a point-by-point comparison from ORD; you can extapolate. It even has charts! <BR>

David Oct 21st, 2000 05:55 AM

Gary, go BA. It's miles ahead of AA. Plus, you should be able to accrue AA miles, since they're both Oneworld members.

David Oct 22nd, 2000 06:36 PM

Oops. Ten lashes with a wet noodle. I forgot that, due to antitrust issues, AA passengers can't accrue miles on BA flights (or vice versa). Sorry about that. I'm a CX member, so it doesn't affect me...

james Jun 11th, 2001 09:14 AM

AA now has a superb 36" seat pitch - over BA's 32". Airline food is airline food - I would always go for comfort first.

Susan Jun 11th, 2001 02:44 PM

RE: BA miles on AA <BR>The literature from AA states that they will give you miles for British Airways flights, except the trans-Atlantic ones. So you'd get miles for your flights from LHR to Cork and then to Wales. It's something!

Peter Jun 13th, 2001 08:54 AM

I'm British living in London and learned this the hard way <BR> <BR>AA have much better legroom everything else is exactly the same(mediocre airline food, cheap entertainment). 32" is really a kind of sub-human economy class that BA specialise in.

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