Luggage Inspection

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Luggage Inspection

On our flight from Sydney to Palm Springs, via LAX, we went through customs in LA then re-checked bags to PSP. Upon arrival 1 hour later, one bag missing and 3 bags had been opened (locks broken.) The same with bag that caught up with us. Only one bag had a note explaining random check. Some things were missing and we reported same. What does the airline do about this? PS. At customs all bags were intact.
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Wow, please tell us what airline this was. But: I wonder if you shouldn't also contact the head of LAX airport security. It sounds like the problem is within LAX.

I'm hearing more and more of these stories, unfortunately, and one warning is to check your bags before you leave the airport to verify that they're ok or be able to document the damage while still on the premises. Sounds like you did pretty much that, but it also sounds like the miscreants were at LAX not PSP. I'm guessing airlines are going to start disclaiming responsibility for damage during security checks, and we'll be further up the creek than we already are.
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1 - Don't lock your bags. Breaking locks is now routine and to be expected.

2- It isn't the airline. They don't have someone stand by when your checked bags are inspected. It is the TSA, which is now "professionalized" because now the workers are paid more with more secure jobs. (Even though some are convicted felons.) Will someone tell me that they are better than previously. I need a good laugh.

3- Same thing happened to us at Philadelphia. Our bag went on the conveyer belt, to the TSA inspectors, who opened the bag. When we got to SFO, an item was missing. The only thing we could do is to file a claim with the TSA and wait for some hack to pick our claim out of the pile and stamp it approved or not approved.
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I still suggest filing missing item claims with the airline too immediatly upon arrival and retrieval of the luggage.

Follow through with writing letters to higher up both with TSA and with the airline. Use small claims court as a last resort. Don't tell or mention this to anybody but proceed with the assumption that the airline is also liable.

Travel tips:
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Ajaynejr -- useful tips there but could be added to. For example, I'm learning to watch very carefully about how close to the side anything is on the conveyor belt, esp. since things that pop out onto the rolling tubes on the other side can be tossed even further to one side or the other; and anything lose or protruding -- oh, say, a cellphone antenna -- can get caught or even snapped off.

I didn't discover my damaged cellphone until I reached my destination after 2 connecting flights, so there wasn't much hope or point in making a claim against the TSA at the original airport. Yes, I had the antenna pushed all the way down, but I later remembered that something seemed to catch on the side of my handbag (there's a pouch there for the phone) when it first came down the tubes. The security handlers had extracted it, re-centered it, and send it on down to me. Apparently, the top of the antenna had caught on the side of the rollers and pulled up and snapped off. Grrrrr. If I'd just placed the bad more squarely in the middle of the conveyor belt on its way into the Xray, it couldn't have happened.

Need I say it was a hassle trying unsuccessfully to get a replacement part at 3 different Radio Shacks and finally having to buy a new phone becuase I really needed use of a cellphone on this trip. When Radio Shack finally shipped the antenna, it was an $11 part!
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TSA screeners are fired on the spot for taking ANYTHING! They aren't even allowed to take things that have been confiscated. All items that have been taken from their owners are destroyed, no matter what the item is. TSA does not sell the items, donate them to charity, etc, the items are destroyed.

Please don't be so quick to blame these hard working people who screen thousands of bags and passengers a day. It was most likely the air line, as TSA screeners aren't left alone with your bags.

By the way--Don't put anything that you value in your checked luggage, carry it on the plane with you, that way if your bag is lost or stolen you sill have your valuables with you. A little common sense goes a long way.
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I value everything that I put in my checked luggage - books, clothes, toiletries, etc. If I didn't need it for the trip, it wouldn't be there. That which I really can't do without right away I carry.

In any case, if you travel from now on, you can expect that something, sometime, will be missing from your checked luggage, and be thankful if it doesn't happen.
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