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Is The New "Passenger Bill Of Rights" Working?

Is The New "Passenger Bill Of Rights" Working?

Feb 16th, 2011, 11:05 AM
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Do you close every business transaction? Do you bat a thousand every time you come up to the plate? Are you right every time?

I guess from your posting the answers are ... Yes, 100% of the time

I imagine life and travel in Europe is perfect. However, on the other side of the pond I think many of us would consider 98% performance pretty decent in most things and we are usually smart enough not to buy the rotten steaks.

I wonder of all the business trips you have had scheduled what percentage of them where canceled or had you held hostage for more than 3 hours.

The point is airlines overall, at least in the US do a pretty good job delivering what they promise. Here, over 1 million passengers travel a day and I would say at least 98 of them get to their destination and most of them on time
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Feb 17th, 2011, 10:32 PM
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Cowboy - agree with first part - when DH travels for business trapped on the plane is the worst - if he gets off he can have more options, including conference calling in to meeting on rare occasions.

But I don't think you can equate mechnical things with something like ariline reliability where there are many more variables - mechanical, plus personnel, weather. And there is an inter-connection between each flight's reliability. In your analogy, if your car breaks down it does not increase the chances your neighbor's will - for the airlines, if crew from one plane is delayed it does increase the problems for other flights.
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Feb 17th, 2011, 11:24 PM
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I am guessing you don't buy the rotten steaks either
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Feb 18th, 2011, 04:58 AM
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I think you mix-up personal performance with industry standards. I did not say I don't make mistakes. Just that a 98% good performance rate is not outlandish.

It is - on either side of the pond - very much the norm to link contracts to QoS minimums.

Your Safeway has standards for making contracts with business partners. And if x percent (probably more likely .x%) of the food gets there rotten, the contract is nullified. And the business partner may have pay damages as the image of Safeway in the public eye will be damaged, thus less people willing to spend their money there.
It is very naive to assume that Safeway will refrain from executing measures against the business partner just because the customers are "smart" enough not to buy a rotten steak. Most will be smart enough to shop at a different supermarket.

Inter-connection is indeed a factor, but it is in most every job you can think of.
Even if you have a simple desk job, your attendance will depend on traffic on your commute, traffic will depend on weather or other factors beyond your control, reliabilty of your car, whether your kids are sick and you have to drive them to the doctor and so on and so on..
But usually, your employer will not care too much about it, except for the last item, hopefully.

In my personal experience, airlines do work better than some/many people think.
Flights cancelled in 2010: maybe 5 or 6
"hostage on tarmac": zero
connections not made: zero (of very few altogether, 3 or 4 maybe)
Flights delayed.. don't ask LOL
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Feb 18th, 2011, 07:30 AM
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overall, I think it is an interesting topic.

I view the problem with the new PBOR that airlines are gun-shy now. For example, in one of the storms, Atlanta was forecast to have horrible weather and the airlines pre-emptively (sp?) cancelled all (or at least most) flights the following day. In reality, the storm turned north or stayed east of Atlanta and conditions were fine. They could have operated pretty close to capacity (obviously depends on the ultimate destination of the flight) that day, but that wasn't an option.

I had friends who were delayed for days - from DC to Florida - mid-week between Christmas and New Year's. The problem was that the following weekend was NYE and planes were already at capacity without the overflow from the 3 days in the middle of the week. They finally gave up, rented a car, and drove home and got there sooner than had they waited.

As a passenger, you need to be able to pull the trigger quickly and make decisions quickly. Look at a map - like Gail said. For example, we fly out of PHL. Depending on the path of the storm, sometimes Mr. Surf has flown home into ABE or MDT (both a little over an hour) depending on the path of various storms. He can also use EWR or BWI if there aren't other options. But, if you sit in the terminal and keep waiting and waiting and waiting, it could be days. This is where the experienced travelers have a leg up - they know to creatively have a solution.

We were flying home from London last February - we knew there was bad weather in PHL - our flight was cancelled about midnight the night before (flying out of LHR). We knew the other options, were ready to go, so caught a flight from LGW to CLT instead (that was 2 hrs earlier). Had we been smart, we should have re-booked our connecting flight to ABE since they weren't hit by the storm. By the time we landed in CLT, our flight to PHL was cancelled and the best they could do was a 11pm flight to EWR. Rather than sit around the airport hoping that our flight would go, we quickly made the decision to rent a car and drive.

The key there was quickly making the decision - what we didn't want to happen was that we waited and our flight to EWR got cancelled when it was too late to drive. We got home about 2am - no, the roads weren't great (I was warned to not drink too much, because we weren't stopping for bathroom breaks!) - but we stayed on the main highway and were careful. We were happy to wake up the next morning in our own beds rather than be figuring out how to get home.

so, what's the punchline ? I don't know, I just know I don't feel like this "answer" is working either.
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Feb 18th, 2011, 10:51 AM
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Appreciate your response but a 98% performance no matter how you correlate is still pretty good by my standards which I admit at times coulds be low

However, the bottom line is your travel experiences have been pretty decent and I would suggest they still would have been even without the "Passenger Bill Of Rights".

You seem to understand business and know that business success depends on keeping your customers happy. Why do airline passengers think airlines approach their business success different than others?

If you have a bad experience traveling it is not because an airline is out to get you. Like driving to work or having a dental appointment things do not always go as planned.

It is a part of life and air travel. We don't have to be victims and have rights in order to have pleasant travel experiences.

What we need is to be realistic when traveling. If you were delayed getting to the airport because of weather, you will probably delayed leaving the airport.

Your last paragraph makes all these points well
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Feb 18th, 2011, 11:03 AM
Original Poster
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 4,080

You provided the answer!

Being an informed, educated and flexible traveler is the answer not ridiculous government regulations.

In your listed situations, by watching the weather you knew what to expect and acted ahead of the airlines and most other passengers.

By raising the question "Is the PBR working", I hoped the discussion would lead to making more educated air travelers.

I think your postings and those of others is moving the objective in that direction. Thanks
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