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Do I have any recourse in this situation with the airline (Iberia)?

Do I have any recourse in this situation with the airline (Iberia)?

Dec 4th, 2006, 04:17 PM
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Do I have any recourse in this situation with the airline (Iberia)?

Here is the situation: In late July I booked 4 tickets on a flight with Iberia airlines online RT Barcelona to Marakkech (with stops in Casablanca) for March 2007. It was $335. A day later I received a phone call from them that on the return flight the flight from Marakkech to Casablanca was cancelled but I could still fly Casablanca to Barcelona. I went ahead and took that as the flight left Casablanca in the afternoon and I figured we could take the train to Casablanca so I went ahead and told her to book it. She e-mailed me a confirmation with Booking Ref code and a Reservation Number and all the flight info. saying Reservation Confirmed.

Today I decided to check on all my flights and my reservation code wasn't showing up online, so I called the airlines directly. Apparently, they have no record of my name or reservation code, etc. I went back and checked my credit card and they had never billed me. To rebook the flights now is $225 more per ticket!! I realize it was my fault for not noticing they hadn't billed me - but do I have any recourse???

The lady I spoke with at Iberia was not too helpful. Just kept saying "sorry she had no record of my reservation". I asked if I could speak to a supervisor but she said he was unavailable and I could call him back later. It was after that I checked my credit card statements and found I had never been billed. Before I call "the supervisor" do you think I have some standing here???

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have.

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Dec 4th, 2006, 07:22 PM
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Sometimes when I have originally booked online I have better luck working with the website support people than the main telephone reservation people--maybe they can see/trace things better online.

I do not know if Iberia has such a support telephone or email address.
If you are US, the 1800 772 4642 seems to be the main reservations number, 1 800 504 8030 for after-sales services (maybe better) and they do have offices at O'Hare, Miami, and New York.

You have an email confirmation with booking ref code and reservation number--does that have a name, phone number, email etc. or did it come from a remote address?

You are right that you will need to get someone who is a problem solver, not the frontline reservations agent to solve the mystery and work it out.

I only have had one slight problem with an Iberia reservation I made online and was able to get the help I needed from one of the tollfree numbers in the U.S.

Navigation assistance
1800 772 4642
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Dec 4th, 2006, 07:35 PM
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Sorry for you on this but it really does not suprise me. My experience of Iberia as all poor, rude unhelpful staff who dont know the meaning of the word service
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Dec 5th, 2006, 10:59 AM
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Kay2 - Thank you very much for your helpful response. On your suggestion, I contacted the after-sales service office but they were mostly about lost luggage or a problem you had on the plane. They could not help me with a ticketing problem and said I need to call the main reservation number. I did that again, and this time the person was actually able to find my name in their system - but it just showed that the reservation was cancelled. To book now it is $225 more than the original cost!! For 4 tickets that $875 more - UGH!

Well, the Iberia flights are operated by Royal Air Maroc. So I called them and for the same flights it is only $125 more than my original reservation (so $100 less than the new Iberia reservation). I will probably go ahead and book with Royal Air Maroc. I suddenly feel like I'm saving $400 even though it is costing me $475 more than the original res. - funny how that is.

Thanks again for your thoughtful suggestions!
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Dec 8th, 2006, 02:38 AM
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Iberia is the only European airline ( beisdes Aeroflot, this one I won't fly with) I avoid to fly. It's a bad airline, with bad service.
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Dec 8th, 2006, 04:00 AM
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Beware of Royal Air Maroc as well.

I copied a post a wrote earlier this year:
I purchased an e-ticket in January for a flight in Feb. on the Royal Air Maroc website.

About 1 week before my flight, I checked their website again and found my flight confirmed, with the seats I had chosen, etc.

When I arrived at the airport the clerk had no record of my ticket, and said that Royal Air Maroc really should not be assigning etickets on their website, as they do not have e ticket capabilities.

So I had to rush and purchase new tickets 50 minutes before my flight departure. Nerve wracking to say the least.

I guess the lesson here is always get paper tickets when flying Royal Air Maroc, and do not trust their website even if it shows you as a confirmed passenger.
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Dec 8th, 2006, 04:10 PM
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Thanks for the tip on Royal Air Maroc. I did rebook my tickets with them, and just received my paper tickets. Apparently that was the problem with the Iberia tickets - they were supposed to issue me paper tickets, but instead of doing that they just cancelled the res. Well, now I have my tickets in hand. We won't be going until March but they will be getting regular phone calls from me confirming the reservation!!
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