Can I buy two coach tix for one person ?

Oct 18th, 2003, 11:04 AM
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You don't need a reason to buy 2 (or 3 or 10) tickets on a flight.Its your money do with it as you wish.It is my guess that this is a rare occurance,but I am also certain that the airlines have in place procedures.And you probably have to call the reservations number to make the reservation.In your reservation your name would appear twice or the extra seat would show up as Mr. Extra Seat, or something similar.There would be some indication in the ticketing process that the extra seat belonged to you.This would ensure that the agent actually closing out the flight for departure would know that the warm body count would be actually different from the count registered by the boarding pass tally.The FA's would be aware of the situation so they would not alert the gate agent that in fact there was one empty seat--the one next to you.
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Oct 20th, 2003, 06:34 AM
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Beachboi, is that all something you know for a fact or are you presuming it to be the case?
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Oct 29th, 2003, 10:22 PM
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I'm with Beach Boi. You just BUY the empty seat next to you! You tell the airlines whatever you want. That you have a valuable vase and it's "traveling" in that seat. Or that you have fat thighs and they require extra "leg room". Point is, once you PURCHASE the seat, it's yours! Screw snowstorms and overbooking. You PAID. Someone on this tread said economy is "cheap". What???? Omigod, $300-500 to most destinations in the U.S. to ME is not "cheap"!! If you are willing to pay DOUBLE for the seat next to you in the plane, well then it's yours to shimmy naked to "Coba Cabana" if you want! (And, well, if the airline will let you...)

NOW, how to avoid all this nonsense? Fly weekdays. Fly odd times. Choose toward the back of the plane. If all else fails, wear an IPod.
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Nov 16th, 2003, 09:11 AM
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I just came across this on Southwest's website, under questions related to the new automated boarding pass policy:
(Since they have open seating, I don't know how it would work if there were no 2 seats together when you boarded the plane.)

Q. If a Customer needs two seats (to accommodate a musical instrument, for example, or is a Customer of size), will that Customer be given two boarding passes?
A. The Customer is required to purchase two seats, but only one boarding pass will be issued to the Customer upon checkin. The two seats will be taken out of inventory and an "XS" will appear in the Customer Convenience box, located on the receipt portion of the boarding pass that the Customer retains. In addition, two Boarding Verification Documents (BVD) will be appropriately filled out when the Customer with two seats checks in. For a "ticketed" Customer, the yellow copy of the BVD will be stapled to the receipt portion of the boarding pass for the Customer to keep, and the white copy will be stapled to the back of the Customer's ticket. For a "Ticketless" Customer, the yellow copy will, again, be stapled to the receipt portion of the boarding pass, and the white copy of the BVD will be attached to the actual boarding pass for the Operations Agent boarding the flight.
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