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Jul 31st, 2013, 01:44 PM
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I have booked a trip through their web site. The booking was successful. But after few hours, I got email again, it said the booking is cancelled due to system error. The booking site is not reliable.
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May 22nd, 2014, 10:38 PM
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This website is absolutely terrible, and remarkably, the only thing worse is their customer service representatives! I've never been treated so horrendously in my entire life, personally or professionally. Not only did their website screw up the actual date of my return flight from Brazil (a day early, which screws up the entire purpose of my trip for the world cup), but when I contacted them immediately upon discovery, I could not reach anyone. I left a voice message to call me immediately. I contacted the insurance group whom I purchased trip protection from, and even submitted a change request. I did not hear from them, until two days later I received an email stating that I could not change my flight nor receive a refund!! So when I called the customer service (Ginger) she proceeded to tell me that I needed to call more often within the 24 hour window after my purchase, and that it was my fault for not calling more frequently! It was the rudest service ever, and I barely raised my voice. She eventually hung up on me! I cannot help but laugh. So now I am out $2,000 despite doing everything within my power to correct WEBJET's mistake!! I am contacting the BBB and my lawyers.
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Oct 21st, 2014, 04:16 AM
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I booked a flight to Europe on Webjet for $100 less than Expedia. Lufthansa pilots went on strike, and the flight was canceled. Lufthansa's phones kept giving the message, "All operators are busy. Please call again."

So, I called Webjet to find out my options. They said my case was in their priority queue (presumably for rebooking) and I should hear back in a couple of hours. Nothing. I called again after a few hours - same spiel. Still nothing.

I returned to calling Lufthansa, getting through after perhaps 100 dials. They would have put me on another airline that evening had I reached them earlier; instead I flew 1 day later, losing a day of vacation.

I wish I had booked through Expedia, our usual source. Surely they would have rebooked me quickly and without a hitch. I won't book through Webjet again.
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Dec 5th, 2014, 12:54 AM
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I would strongly advise anyone wishing to buy tickets online to think good and hard about using these clowns. I have spent the better part of last 25 years travelling the globe and this is the worst ticketing experience I have ever had. The problems started upon receipt of the itinerary from Webjet. There were two things that came immediately to my attention first off they had got the name of my travelling companion incorrect, my christian name and family name appearing with their christian name. For example if my name is John Butler and my partner is Julie Butler for some reason her ticket was now named Julie John Butler! Second, for the trip to the UK I was with Quantas on first leg (Brisbane-Hong Kong) and then BA to Heathrow. The itinerary showed baggage allowance on first leg as 30kg but on 2nd leg only 23kg!

DAY 1 - Called Webjet to try and get this sorted out. Was my allowance 30kg as with Quantas and they just flip bags on to BA? No! Apparently the allowance was in fact 23kg on both legs. Nice of them to send me bum information. So I could easily have turned up at Brisbane with 30kg (x2 passengers) only to be told that I had to either ditch 14kg of items or pay ~$250 in excess charges! Waaayyyy to go Webjet for sticking me a problem. Also ask them to change name of my companion but was cut off.....great start.

It gets worse. Day 2 - Called BA first just to confirm situation with baggage as between itinerary and telephone call with Webjet information was mixed. BA confirmed it was in fact 23kg per leg and Webjet should not have said it was 30kg as I would have faced excess charges. Called Webjet again.........

After a very long call , 55 mins, during which time I was told it would cost $75 to get the name changed (aaarrgghhhh) I was then told that in fact I could take 30kg of baggage and their itinery was correct! Now strike me dumb. You see, I think they were just trying to cover their backsides because I was pointing out to them that if they could make one clear error i.e. stating 30kg on the itinerary then they could also make the error of getting the name of my companion wrong. They insisted that it was impossible to get the name wrong and they don't make errors, thus the defence, despite evidence from BA and even Webjet the day before, that the itinerary and 30kg allowance was correct all along.

What a crock of *hit! After 2 hours on the phone with this lot I'm still getting conflicting information about the allowance and they still say they couldn't have got the name wrong. I asked for a screenshot of the page where I entered the data but they couldn't provide this so I was unable to prove my contention that I entered all the information correctly. They are also now applying tacit threats by saying how urgent it is to get the names changed (i.e I should cough up $75) implicit in this the fact that I could loose the flight & money! What a professional bunch these clowns are! So no further ahead, no idea about baggage allowance and no name change......been waiting 30mins for a promised call back (said 5mins) and quietly going bonkers.

I feel I've lost the will to live. My life is running away from me dealing with these people. This has to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Please, please take heed of my sad deranged experience and think LONG and hard about booking any flights with Webjet. You could live to regret it.
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Feb 10th, 2015, 11:06 PM
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We used webjet for our recent trip to Europe over Christmas - NZ to Europe and return. We had absolutely no problems with them. I had a query about our itinerary as for some reason I lost the email containing it,, and emailed the company, within less than five minutes of sending the email, I had my reply. So I was really pleased. The only thing we didnt like was that on one of our flights, my husband and I werent sitting together, but apparently that was the airline faults and not webjets.

So all in all, yes would definitely use them again.
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