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radioshaman Nov 9th, 2020 12:50 AM

Another question about transferring in Seoul
Hello everyone, my situation has updated so I hope it's ok if I make a new thread. I now understand that I should not pass through immigration if I want to depart from Incheon Int. on the same day that I arrive since I will be shepharded into a quarantine facility as soon as I pass through immigration.

I will be arriving at Incheon Int. with a different airline to the one I will be leaving with. I have checked the embassy websites and all transfers at Incheon are fine so long as the flights are within a 24 hour window. This means I can arrive at Incheon and be exempt from the 14 day quarantine so long as I don't go through immigration and I leave again within 24 hours. Since I am arriving with Airline A and leaving with Airline B though, I do not have a connecting flight (and these Airlines do not have any codeshare agreement). Does anyone know if this will be an issue? There are transfer desks at Incheon before you get to immigration, and it is my idea that I can arrive, go to the transfer desks, and they will check me in to my new journey with Airline B. This shouldn't be a problem, right? I will only be carrying hand luggage and so it is not a problem that I cannot go through immigration and collect any checked luggage.


mrwunrfl Nov 11th, 2020 01:29 PM

I think you will be ok. I would look into online check-in for airline B before departure on airline A and maybe be able to print a bp. Or maybe check in online onboard flight A, depending on wifi cost/availability. I would find out if there are kiosks at ICN for check-in and bp for airline B.

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