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ekscrunchy May 25th, 2008 08:37 AM

AF/Flying Blue way to book trip
Please pardon another novice question from this traveller most unsavvy about airlines:

I have Gold status with AF. Planning trip from JFK to Genoa and will plan on taking AF with connection in CDG.

Would like to return on direct flight from Milan to JFK.
How do I book this segment..which will likely be on either Delta or Alitalia (both Skyteam)? I do not want to use internet site such as Expedia;;prefer to book directly with the airline (AF) so I can select seats and get the mileage credit..

Will AF book a return for me on another airline partner so that I do not have to return via CDG? Or do I have to use a TA (hope not!)

Trip will be in September: JFK-Genoa (connect CDG)


Many thanks!

Gardyloo May 25th, 2008 09:08 AM

Air France's website doesn't appear to let you choose codeshares or partner flights for the return transatlantic portion; however Delta's does, so you could book via Delta's website, specifying their codeshare (flight no.) on AF's JFK-CDG departure, then their own flight for the return from Milan. When it comes time to put your frequent flyer no. into the system, just put your FB number in and it will be recognized by AF.

Or you can phone AF (and probably pay a phone booking charge) and they can set it up easily. You should have no problems doing this.

Booking through Expedia et al won't lose you your mileage credit. When you get the locator code (6 letter-number combination) you can log onto Air France's website (under "your reservations," enter that code and your name, and do seat selections etc. then.

ekscrunchy May 25th, 2008 09:12 AM

Many thanks for such a fast response! I would rather do this by phone than on the net..I will try calling AF...I have a feeling that booking through Delta on Delta flights will be more costly than going through AF but I have not investigated this yet.. would I not get more mileage points if I book with AF since my card is a Flying Blue card?

I know nothing about the third-party sites but had always assumed that you got the worst seats when you booked with them..thank you for updating me!

Patty May 25th, 2008 02:54 PM

<i>would I not get more mileage points if I book with AF since my card is a Flying Blue card?</i>

Actually in some cases you'd earn more miles if you booked the flights as DL code rather than AF code. All DL booking classes earn 100% flown mileage whereas some discounted economy AF fare classes can earn as little as 25% flown mileage.

The only problem booking DL coded AF operated flights is getting the seat assignment to stick or getting anyone to confirm them at all

ekscrunchy May 31st, 2008 01:19 PM

Thanks, Patty. It is all very confusing. It is hard to believe that if I book with Delta for an AF flight that a call to AF would not result in a seat assignment!! Really kind of ridiculous if you ask me!

I will be checking flights this week or next so will probably return with more questions...

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