AA mad-at-FA support group forming

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AA mad-at-FA support group forming

I still want to know if ACR, happy2beme, and flyingwalnuts know each other. As first time posters with serious complaints against FA at AA, maybe they can form an alliance.
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All the years and all the miles that I have flown with AA, I will admit that I had some VERY lazy FAs and I had some that were not very friendly and/or helpful, but I never had any FA abuse me verbally, talk down to me, etc...

and I met a VERY beautiful and fun and loving FA during one of my flights (although we're not "together" anymore, we keep in touch.)

(maybe one gets what one gives???)

btw, my experiences had nothing to do with my status. For the first 1.5 years, I started as nobody, flew in the back of the bus most of the time, and only slowly got to were I'm today. And I started at the worst time, right after 9/11, when tensions were high, and job security for these people was shaky at best, so they were scared, under pressure and getting hit from all sides with new rules, regulations, cutbacks, etc.

so I agree <b>Gail</b>, the chances of these 3 getting REALLY bad FAs in a span of 1 week, are slim to none, although I suppose it could have happened to at least 1.

and I really don't know what the driving force is behind the 1 thread that is very quickly becoming a spiteful, revengful tirade. The OP seems to dwell on it way too much, and is actually (at least it seems like) trying to get somebody fired over a verbal disagreement. I hope I don't run into that person any time soon.....
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I agree, it goes beyond O/C behavior to the &quot;Nth&quot; degree. The &quot;you should be fired&quot; attitude coupled with a stern, grim determination often indicates a pattern of psychosis.Under &quot;normal&quot; curcumstances, a company receiving a complaint letter from a customer takes some sort of proactive approach which may or may not include &quot;punishment&quot;.But at the very least, there would be an investigation.Most customers, thats all they would want.Here's the problem, you fix it.Thats pretty simple.
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AA is the largest airline in the world, in terms of traffic. It's no surprise they may get the most complains. Now, if you start to see a lot of 1st timers coming here and complain about Alaska Air, then there's something going on.
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What is amazing to me is that these complaintants want us all to believe that they ( the compainers) did nothing wrong and were &quot;attacked&quot; out of the blue. I have travelled for years and have never seen anything like they describe. I have seen passengers act that way towards the FA's and the FA's taking it with a grain of salt. It really bothers me when someone posts such a blatently one-sided story and insists on sympathy from the rest of us. Trying to get someone fired because they told your 7 year old to hold it for a little while is rediculous. The mother was the one who asked if he should pee in his seat. She is the one who upset her own son, and now she wants the FA to pay for it. The woman who was told she could not use the first class lav. and got upset about it....give me a break...
You're right, all these posts do seem very similar and the conclusions they want are all the same. They want the FA punished and some recompense from the airline. Hmmmmm. It makes you wonder.

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Yep. Those three should be responding to each others posts to lend support. Then again, that would be like talking to ones self.
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I agree, i gave some comments on gladtobeme's page, I think she sounded a tad sarcastic and her attitude rubbed the FA up the wrong way and vice versa, People should take responsibilty for their own actions,and try and be a bit more tolerant. No wonder the worlds in such a mess.....
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Perhaps they are looking for scenarios to use on the tv series Airline for next season?
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