18 hours plane ride...help, what to do?

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18 hours plane ride...help, what to do?

Okay I'm a first time flyer..well flying that distance anyway. Where is the best place to sit on a flight that long? Window? Aisle? I know the pro's and con's, but I need someone with experience to help with the decision making...How do you beat jet lag? I know I sound quite stupid, but this is all very new to me. And last but not least any good tips on places to see or do in Surfers Paradise??
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Monica, don't worry about the plane trip, it's like childbirth, the effort is worth the result. I have found that asking for a seat in the centre of the plane gives you a better chance of getting a vacant seat next to you and thus you get more room to spread out. Make sure you drink plenty of water and apart from that, eat and drink whatever you like, read a book, watch the movies, you are on holiday and can sleep when you arrive in Australia. When you get to Surfers you will find heaps of free info about all the commercial attractions. There is plenty to do along the coast, but is worthwhile going at least one trip inland to get a feeling of the Australian landscape.Email me if you like. Relax and have fun.
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Robert Potter
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It is not going to be as bad as you think.Relax and try not to think about the long flight.Remeber the plane is full of people the same as you and they will act accordingly.
Her are a few suggestions;
Eat lightly and drink plenty of water/no alcoholic/use sleeping pill if you desire/take an inflatable neck support and eye shades/If you are small take a window seat/If you are large take an isle seat/Take reading material /Take knitting etc.
I am leaving tuesday on a 17 hour flight.

Good Luck;
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You won't even notice it.....I am tall and like the seat by the galley so I can stretch out but if you are a light sleeper, they can be a tad noisy. But then, if the flight is not crowded, the flight crew takes pity on you and often finds you a better, vacant seat!

Drink whenever they offer it and eat when they give you food. The airline is experienced in this stuff and they are pretty good at keeping you busy. Sleep when the cabin lights are turned down.
Going there is a piece of cake...we suffered no jet lag at all.

Have a great trip.
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Firstly, request exit row for more leg room, and the ability to get out of your seat without pushing past anyone. The downside of exit row is that a breeze seems to come from around the door, and feet get cold. Take sox. Otherwise window for somewhere to rest your head and pillow. Wherever you sit, as soon as you find your seat grab pillow and blanket if they are not on the seat. We always take some cookies for hungry moments. Food is not as good or plentiful on airlines as it used to be. What airline?? I always dress nicely to board plane, but then change into soft and loose pants and shirt for the long haul, changing back before deplaning. I think the better dressed one looks the less hassle in customs and immigration.
In Surfers be sure to take a trip to Lamington National Park and Tamborine Mountain, magnificent scenery. O'Reillys expensive, but cheap in Canangra, closest down to Lamington. Brisbane is a nice city, particularly South Bank with parks and river front, also cruise river on CityCat.
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Re Surfers Paradise. O'Reillys in Lamington National Park is expensive, but cheaper accommodation in Canungra, closest town. Tamborine Mountain area is wonderful - suggest Tall Trees Motel. In Brisbane visit South Bank, riverside park, and ride CityCat on river. Enjoy

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