Zanzibar Trip


Jan 2nd, 1997, 12:33 PM
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Zanzibar Trip

Zanzibar is a fabulous island--a highlight of any trip to East Africa. The island is seeing a lot of tourism these days (particularly Italians) and the local Muslim population has become far more accepting of Western dress. Nevertheless, I recommend that you do not wear shorts or sleeveless tops in the old town, an incredibly romantic city of Arab-influenced architecture, winding streets, and magical markets. In the resort areas, particularly on the East Coast, typical resort wear is fine. If you really want to get away from it all, head up to Nungwe, at the northern tip of the island. A few years ago, the village here had only two inns, none of which had electricity, running water, or plumbing. That may have now changed, but the beaches are probably still fantastic. Hope you have a great trip.
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Feb 3rd, 1997, 03:56 AM
Nelli Sheffer
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Ditto. In the city of Znzibar there is a hotel called "Emerson's" which is a faboulus place, old house with richly decorated rooms, each one called with a different color and decorated differently. It has a restaurant on the top floor of another building close by. The dinner there is fixed price and very romantic. Reservations are essential.
Wear very light clothes and don't miss the market. It is huge and beutiful and many parts are tucked away. The old slave market under the church is chilling. The people are wonderful and it is considered to be a very safe place.
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