Zanzibar/help deciding which beach!!


Nov 13th, 2005, 07:26 AM
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Zanzibar/help deciding which beach!!

Hi! Thanks to all who have posted information on safari in the Mara (esp. Patty - we are using E&S and visiting Kicheche based on some of your threads). Anyway, following a few nights in Dubai, a short fly-in to Kicheche and overnight in Nairobi, we've got 8 nights in Zanzibar, as follows:

2 nights Stone Town (Emerson & Green)
2 nights Nungwi? Paje? Matemwe? (here's where we need help!)
3 nights Ras Nungwi
1 night Stone Town (Emerson & Green)

So, as you might guess, I'm seeking some advice on what we should do with those two unbooked nights. We like being able to wander to bars and restaurants at night so we're thinking maybe we should just stay in Nungwi (Mnarani?) and "get it out of our system" before heading to Ras Nungwi. At the same time, we don't want to miss anything -- Matemwe (Matemwe Bungalows) looks great -- but is there anywhere to wander to? Also, between Paje and Jambiani looks nice, too.

Honestly, we're a little concerned with no a/c (or pool at Mnarani) at some of these beach places. We had some awfully hot & sticky nights in Morocco in early June that we'd rather not relive. Still, we don't want to stay in a big resort. Above all, we don't want to be stuck at the same place at night.

Matemwe Bungalows?
Mnarani in Nungwi?
Hakuna Majiwe near Paji/Jambiani?

We'll be there the first week of December...any particular seaweed problems we need to be aware of??

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
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Nov 13th, 2005, 04:15 PM
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The best I can say is that for walking around or quick taxi rides, be up on the northern tip - Nungwi - is the place. There are lots of accommodations in all price ranges here.

Matembwe on the Northeast coast is a far distance with not much "walking to" - same when you get down to the Jambiani area on the Southeast coast.

Most all resort lodging on Zanzibar are on their own strip of beach and that's about it.

Zanzibar is tropical - hot and humid and December is going into the East African summer. So, if comfort is a concern, check for those places with a/c. Ceiling fans can be fine if they pick up whatever breezes there may be. But our own experience, though an a/c room... the bathroom was like a sauna. And I believe another poster recently mentioned the same experience at their lodging, which while wonderful, was like a sauna more often than not.

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