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kak113 Oct 13th, 2008 09:15 AM

zambia via and departure tax - USD but what kind of bills?
packing for our trip tomorrow. Wondering if there is a need to have either new or old bills and in what denomination for these 2 expenses? are 100s ok? new 50s? or better to stick with smaller bills? have read that some US currency is not accepted in other destinations so please let me know. thanks!

knlaw Oct 13th, 2008 09:30 AM

Small bills. $20s

canadian_robin Oct 13th, 2008 09:50 AM

We left from Zambia (Livingstone airport) after 6 weeks in Southern Africa on 3rd September and were never asked for the US$20 departure tax - we still haven't figured out where/when we were supposed to pay it.

On arriving in Zambia, we paid for our visas in US$ - US$55 each (we are Canadians). We had been warned to have exact change because if you hand them big bills, the officials like to claim that they don't have any change.

Have a great trip! Robin

GeoffG Oct 13th, 2008 02:29 PM


Use smaller bills and preferably the correct amount. ie; Domestic departure tax is US$8 so pay with a $5 and 3 x $1.

Canadian Robin,

Your departure tax was most likely included in your airfare when you purchased the ticket.


canadian_robin Oct 13th, 2008 03:24 PM

That explains it - not sure why we were told that we would be paying in cash at the airport. Thanks Geoff!

skibumette Oct 13th, 2008 06:54 PM

I think it's included in the ticket price on some airlines and not on others. Your TA may had in the pre-departure literature to cover all bases, thinking you wouldn't mind if you DIDN'T have to pay.

atravelynn Oct 13th, 2008 07:31 PM

Exact change is good. Nothing to old and worn. I used a $100 as part of my visa payment.

Have a super time.

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