Zambia itinery questions


Feb 6th, 2005, 12:57 PM
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Zambia itinery questions

Ok I think i'm ready to post a possible itiney or two to Zambia for examination by the experts

Option 1

London to Lusaka

Next day recovery somewhere nearby

Lusaka to Livingstone
2 days at Stanley Safari Lodge
Looks fun I'd like to try the elephant safari
2 days at Chundukwa ; this is a basic lodge but has horses, and we all ride - has anyone heard of it?

Livingstone to Lower Zambezi
4 days at Kasaka River Lodge

Lower Zambezi to South Luangwa

4 days at Luangwa River Lodge

or should I go to MFUWE LODGE
for a couple of days?

Or Kafunta River Lodge, the warm jacuzzi sounds nice

Hmmm I getting a bit vague now on this one...

An alternative is to fly into J Berg Go to the Kruger and self drive for 4 or 5 days then connect Jberg to Livingstone then Lower Zambezi then South Luangwa then fly back to London from Lusaka

I guess here I'm trying to squeeze in seeing a bit of SA and having the fun of driving ourselves. But not too long as I'm scared of the cold weather in August.

I am a little wary of Carmen ( my daughter ) getting bored, although she claims she could watch animals 24/7

What do you all think.Anyone have any idea how easy the connections would be that my itineres require and how much would they cost

I'm deep in Africa excitement now!
Thanks Yvonne
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Feb 6th, 2005, 05:47 PM
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As I recall your daughter is 10. Just be sure she can do the elephant and horseback riding and is not underage. If she is such an animal lover, these two activities could be a a highlight of the trip.

While I personally advocate longer stays, such as 4-nights, with a 10-year old maybe three nights would be better. Then move on to something new.

Jacuzzi option--again are 10 year olds allowed?

I have not stayed at any of the particular lodges or camps you have mentioned.

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Feb 6th, 2005, 08:16 PM
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I do think you are overdoing it with four nights in Livingstone. I think you should either pick Chundukwa if you absolutely feel like you must ride horses while on your African safari, or else I would absolutely go with Stanley Safari Lodge or if you wanted a bit of local culture I would also consider Songwe Village.

I do think Songwe Village may be a good experience for your daughter and would give her an opportunity to see children her own age and how they live in Africa. Horse riding is also available at Songwe Village, so if their $375 pppns price tag was in your budget, possibly 3 nights at Songwe Village would be a nice alternative to the 4 nights you are considering dividing between Stanley Safari Lodge and Chundukwa.

With that newly available extra night, I would consider adding a second South Luangwa lodge. Possibly 3 nights at Luangwa River Lodge and finish in style with 2 nights at Puku Ridge.

One thing I must stress to people considering South Luangwa is that very few of the camps/lodges are actually located inside the park. The rest of the camps/lodges are located outside the park and this, in my experience, leads to a certain amount of wasted time entering and exiting the park.

While that is not to say that there is not wildlife outside the park, the strongest wildlife viewing takes part inside the park.

Puku Ridge, Chichele Presidential Lodge and much further north, Kaingo and its bushcamp Mwamba, are all located inside the national park. Most other camps either make use of pontoon or boat crossings or cross at the entrance gate located near Flatdogs Camp to get into the national park. These vehicles are supposed to exit the national park by a certain time (8PM, I think) each night, while the other vehicles obviously stay within the park (but, in all fairness, unless there is an incredible sighting will probably be back to the lodge by about 8PM for dinner).

So, back to your itinerary, Yvonne, I would strongly suggest you consider the following:

Songwe Village, 3 nights (allowing plenty of time for various activities)

Kasaka River Lodge, 4 nights

Luangwa River Lodge, 3 nights

Puku Ridge, 2 nights (this will only be about a 1 hour transfer from Luangwa River Lodge, as they are located about 20-25 miles apart). I do think it will be nice to be away from the river for a couple nights since you will be staying alongside the river at each of your previous destinations.

A final alternative would be to spend only two nights in Livingstone to allow for six nights split between two camps in South Luangwa. If that were the case, then I would strongly suggest that you consider Kaingo, as I think you and your daughter would really be amazed by the hundreds of hippos and crocodiles that will likely be visible from right outside your room down below a steep river bank and definitely while at their hippo hide.

If you did do six nights in South Luangwa then I would definitely recommend Luangwa River Lodge (3) and Kaingo (3). Although Kaingo is also right on the river, it is worth the trip for their hippo hide and the action you will see right from camp. The only reason I don't recommend Kaingo for 2 nights is because it is a good 2+ hour drive from Luangwa River Lodge, and in October weather, such a drive may be too much to justify a 2 night stay.

I do think that the jacuzzi at Kafunta may be wasted since October will be so hot. In the night time you are very likely to still rather choose the swimming pool over a jacuzzi.

Hope this helps.
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