Zambia Conservation - Photo Album


Oct 16th, 2005, 12:46 PM
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Zambia Conservation - Photo Album

Part of my goal for this year's safari was not only to enjoy great wildlife viewing at the best possible (most luxurious) lodges and camps, but also to really get more involved in the wildlife conservation efforts in Zambia.

One of the reasons why I love Zambia is because it is so uncommercialized and as a result, the photosafari industry is really a small, tightly knit community that has a true passion (not to mention vested interest) in wildlife conservation. Most camps/lodges also sponsor local schools and really do whatever they can for the Zambian people.

Here is the photo album that I put together:

My first stop, at the personal invitation of Grant Cumings, owner of Chiawa Camp, was at Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), where he is Vice-Chairman (after acting as the Chairman for many years).

This is a wonderful organization that not only is active in anti-poaching patrols but also brings in Zambian students for a 4 or 5 night program that teaches them the importance of wildlife conservation, as well as AIDS education. The students are brought in about 20 at a time from different parts of the country.

The program includes both classroom instruction as well as daily game drives, exposing most of the children to this type of wildlife experience for the very first time. Instead of the animals being a scary thing that they fear coming into their villages, for the first time they see the animals in their natural environment and taught of all the benefits of ecotourism and how it is to their own benefit to practice wildlife conservation.

Upon arrival in South Luangwa, I had prearranged for Luangwa River Lodge to purchase two new bicycles for me. I rode one of these bicycles into Mfuwe and then donated the bicycles to the South Luangwa Conservation Society.

SLCS is very active in anti-poaching patrols and this is crucial for the wildlife in South Luangwa and its surrounding game management areas, especially in the wet season when there are much fewer tourists.

My last stop was at Chipembele Wildlife Trust, another wildlife conservation organization in South Luangwa, just outside the boundaries of the park. While SLCS seems to focus more on the anti-poaching activities, Chipembele seems to be excellent at wildlife conservation education of Zambian students. They also sponsor many students to go on and get higher education.

Another very good organization that is just getting off the ground is Working Hand In Hand, started by one of our fellow Fodorites, Tashak. I did have the opportunity to help out some by delivering some important materials to Working Hand In Hand and by bringing back some of their finished products so that they may be sold in California by Working Hand In Hand.

I would encourage everyone who is going to Zambia to try to make the time to visit one or two of these organizations. Any monetary donations will go to very good use and be a true benefit to the wildlife and the Zambian people.

(note...there are a couple graphic photos in this photo album, but this is reality and this is what all of these organizations and I am fighting against)
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Dec 7th, 2005, 06:11 PM
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Would anybody join me in making a donation to such a great organization?

I am already on a monthly donation program. Anybody going to South Luangwa would be well served to pay a visit to Chipembele as they do great work, as do many other organizations such as South Luangwa Conservation Society, Conservation Lower Zambezi and Working Hand In Hand.

It just takes a minute and so little money does so much good in such an impoverished country as Zambia, both for the wildlife and for the people.
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Dec 7th, 2005, 07:00 PM
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When I was there in October, the director said it only costs $45.00 per year for primary children and $90.00 per year for secondary children to attend school...and this little amount keeps MANY from attending. considering how much money all of us piddle away, it's just a drop in the bucket and what great rewards we'd all receive! THEY are the future leaders of Africa.
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Dec 7th, 2005, 09:46 PM
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You are absolutely right. Although it is not much to start, I signed up to donate 20 British Pounds per month, and hopefully South Luangwa Conservation Society, Conservation Lower Zambezi and Working Hand In Hand (a non-profit operating in Mfuwe started by Fodors very own Tashak) will soon set up similar online credit card donation systems. Not to sound like Sally Struthers, but for $1 per day, it is possible to sign up for a recurring 20 British Pound per month debit, and this will allow four Zambian children to attend secondary school and have an opportunity for a better life.

One statistic I find very sad is one that I found on the Working Hand In Hand website and that is the life expectancy for Zambians. It is about half the life expectancy for an American at only 37. In other words, if I were a Zambian, I would be terminal with just over two years to live and most others on this forum would already be dust.

This is from Chipembele's website and lists examples of what donations received may buy:

The following are examples of what your donation can buy:

Government Schools

Stationery bag for primary pupil (rucksack containing 10 A5 exercise books, 5 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener) £5
Stationery bag for secondary school pupil (rucksack containing 20 A4 exercise books, 5 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, mathematics set and a calculator) £10
Blanket for boarding school pupil £7
Netball £8
Football £12
Chalk – 1000 white £10, 1000 coloured £13
School fees - awarded yearly to support girl education, small ‘scholarships’ to the top 3 girls in each grade, 8 to 12, at Mfuwe Day Secondary School £13
Mattress for boarding school pupil £20
Blackboard refurbishment kit (1 litre blackboard paint, polyfilla, 1000 chalks, blackboard eraser £22
Teacher’s desk and chair £30
Desk (double bench- style for two pupils) £33
Bicycle for pupils living more than 1 hour’s walk from the school £50
Monthly wages for trained teachers not yet on the Government payroll including accommodation allowance £80

Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre
Prizes for the annual Chipembele Inter Schools Wildlife Quiz and Pupil of the Year awards (eg dictionary, atlas, radio etc), each £10
Game drive for 20 school children and 2 accompanying teachers £25
A day’s visit to the Centre for one group of 20 pupils and 2 accompanying teachers (includes transport, stationery, food, refreshments, prizes etc) £40
Quality photo printer for displays in the Centre and at the schools £100
A year’s supply of computer printer cartridges £240
Multi-media projector and mobile generator for conservation and wildlife education outreach programmes into the remoter villages £2000
New 4 wheel drive vehicle for transporting the pupils (please contact for further details) £22,000

HANADA Women’s Group (a Zambian registered NGO)

A set of tools for gardening (hoe, spade, machete, slasher) £18
Vegetable garden starter pack (seeds and general insecticide) £20
A tailoring pack including material and cotton thread for making school uniform and dresses to sell locally £25
Wheelbarrow for gardening £40
A meal for the 42 orphans who are registered with HANADA when they visit the Centre £30
A meal for the 50 women who visit the Centre once a week (some walking from 10 miles away!) £50

It is the kind of grassroots, hands on, charitable work that Chipembele and the others I have mentioned that really moves me and has made me want to become more a part of Zambia.
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