Women Travellers in Tangier - Advice


Dec 11th, 2002, 08:11 AM
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Women Travellers in Tangier - Advice

My girlfriends and I are travelling to Tangier by ferry from Algeciras, Spain.

We have a layover of 6 hours in Tangier before we board our train to Marakesch which departs at 10pm.

I've heard stories that Tangier is the worst way to enter Morocco. Does anyone have any advice?

What can we do for 6 hours in Tangier before boarding our overnite train? Are there official tour guides we can use to take us around?

Any advice / suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Dec 17th, 2002, 06:14 AM
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evelyn - it's true that tangier is the worst way to enter morocco. that being said, being prepared can make the difference between an annoying experience and one that can be downright maddening and even dangerous.

my first concern is whether you're all going to be lugging your bags around all day. you might consider getting a hotel room for the day - which split amongst all of you might not be too bad. that way, you can enlist the help of the hotel in finding an official guide for the day, which is really a necessity if you're going to want to explore.

most of all, just remember that if you accept anyone's 'help,' whether it be help carrying your bags or help finding your way, you are indebted to that person for whatever they are going to eventually charge you. learn a few arabic words ('lah' is no - and it is helpful to just keep saying it over and over like a song while you keep walking and not make eye contact with whomever is pestering you. an arabic thank you tacked on at the end is of course an even better approach).

if your train is leaving at 10 PM, i definitely think the hotel room is a great idea. the only thing worse than walking around all day with your bags would be doing it after dark to boot. tangier can definitely be an annoyance but if you're careful and prepared, it is definitely tolerable and might even border on pleasant.

if there is absolutely any way you can work it into your itinerary, i strongly suggest that you try to get to fes. it is the one place in morocco i dream of returning to. enjoy your trip!
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