Why Botswana first.....


Aug 18th, 2004, 03:58 PM
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Why Botswana first.....

OR NOT!!!!

Well, besides Botswana being my first crush, (just the idea of an inland delta has had a magical appleal from when I first learned of it); the cost of going to Botswana next year has turned out to be twice what I had initially thought I would spend. And that was twice what we have ever spent in the past! ANYWAY, now everything else looks like such a bargain )
Zambia, Massai Mara, no problema.
I dreamed .of going across Africa, beginning in Kenya on train and eventually ending on the Kinshasa to Brazzaville ferry. To keep my sanity out here, in what used to be the boondocks,I used to make these fabulously detailed expeditions. I don't know if the ferry still survives she was a relic from colonial days, my heart swells just thinking of her.)

Opppps...got carried away again.
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Aug 18th, 2004, 08:30 PM
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I'm all for going for your dreams...especially if you are dreaming of Botswana. Botswana and its wildlife seems well protected by good government policies...but things can always change. The dam project on the Namibia /Angola border could threaten the Delta...or natural changes (seismic activity) could change it for better or for worse. So see it in its glorious present state...and hope it will stay that way or only get better. To me, it is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Yes, it is expensive. But I keep telling myself I'm not just paying alot for me to be there...I'm also paying to keep 50 other budget tourists from having a negative impact on this very fragile delta and desert environment. (I made up that number, but that low volume/ high cost policy is the essence of why Botswana is expensive...)

And honestly, I don't know a single person (with a well-planned itinerary) who didn't end up thinking they got more than their maney's worth from Botswana.

There are clearly other places in Africa, but there is something about doing your dream. Years ago, I really wanted to go to Zim...was planning a trip with a friend, but a new job postponed that trip. By the time we got back to considering it, Zim's political situation had changed radically, and now I'm not sure when I'll be able to go. On the other hand, Uganda was offlimits for so long...and now it's safe and wonderful again.

PS If you haven't already seen it, take a look at Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari. Excellent! He travels across Africa in the other direction (N to S)...but the reality of travel in Africa today is not at all romantic.
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