Who delivers the best one day tours?

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Who delivers the best one day tours?

I will be visiting a friend in tel aviv for 8 days, and I would like to do approx 3 day tours. I was thinking Jersusalem, Masada/Dead Sea, and Haifa. Now, I was recommend your way tours, but I am curious as to what are considered the best tour companies around.

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I will be interested in the answers. I will be in a similar situation in November. I have found a lot of tour groups that do private tours but personally I'm looking for group tours.

If you are interested in seeing the West Bank, there are two that seem highly recommended: Green Olive Tours (http://www.toursinenglish.com/) and Hijazi (http://hijazih.wordpress.com/upcoming-tours/city-tours/). However I haven't figured out what I'll do for the Israel portion.
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I haven't ever taken single day tours here, so I can't recommend a day tour....

That said, some general trip-planning things to keep in mind:
1. When does Saturday fall out in your trip? Even in Tel Aviv, much of the city is closed. Do you want to be somewhere particular, or will anywhere do?
2. If you are interested in museums at all, Jerusalem could easily easily be more than one day.
3. Check with your friend how much time she's hoping to spend with you and when she's working. I'm sure you've already thought of that, but it might be worth making sure that you know what her plans are before you spend a lot of time searching for tour guides.
4. Think about hiking, not just city hopping! Although I'd never done much hiking at all, Israel is an incredibly beautiful country, and there are trails of all difficulties in all sorts of climates--- I noticed the desert isn't on your list at all.....
5. This is obvious, but: Israel is very easily politicized. While you don't want to take a tour with someone who will infuriate you with their views, you also don't want to tour with someone who will simply validate everything you've ever thought about Israel. It seems like a very fine line! (Consider the simple implications of saying "The West Bank" vs. "Judea/Samaria" or "Jerusalem" and "Jerusalem, the Capital City.")

That said, and I'll step off my soapbox now, I know that you will have a wonderful time, no matter which tour groups you find! When are you coming???
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Comments and additions

a. Tel Aviv is not a closed city on the Sabbath. Many, if not all of the museums are open. Non-Kosher restaurants ( which are the vast majority) are open.

b. Jerusalem--also has museums open, but not as many restaurants.

c. While hiking is nice, I would not make it a priority if I was traveling for the first time.

d. Politics is hard to avoid in Israel. Most general groups work hard to avoid it. The two companies recommended Green Olive and Hajaiz are very very political and if you read their website they don't hide it.

e. The general tour companies are United, Egged Tours and Ben Harim. They all pretty much do the same thing and how good each is depends upon who the actual guide is. There is, btw plenty you can do on your own utilizing audio guides available at each site. Where would you want to go with a group?
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Hi, Elkaz,

I was the poster who suggested Green Olive and Hajaiz. You are right that they are political. My reasons for bringing them up was that they are the only two I know of that offer something between a private tour and a large bus tour.

Do you know of any companies in Israel that offer medium-sized, reasonably priced day tours that are more interesting and personal than the standard tours? Personally I don't mind politics but I would like to get a balance of points of view from both sides.

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