Which tour company????


Nov 28th, 2004, 07:52 AM
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Which tour company????

We are hoping to travel to Tanzania for a safari. We are still trying figure out which month to go in. Some say the green seasons...others say "No" to that. I am confused. My main question ia about finding a good tour company. One has been suggested that has reasonable prices including air. It is www.2afrika.com. Have any of you used it and, if so, what was your opinion? Thanks for any info!!!!!
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Dec 1st, 2004, 03:55 AM
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Message: To MariMari, suggest you do a search on this board for Tanzania, 2afrika or even my name to see what has already been posted.
As to timing of safari, you will notice various opinions. Our two trips there were influenced by timing of daughter's school year. Thus, June. Given that rains and wildebeast herd movement are rather unpredictable nothing is for certain. One year we hit the migration right on and saw thousands of wildebeast and zebra in the Serengeti and the next trip while we saw plenty we missed the big herds. Still were not disappointed as we saw plenty of elephants, giraffe, lions, and many others. When I can return I would consider a trip say in the second half of May (chancing not being in too much rain) or in the fall to see the system at a different time of the year. If you have particulars about our experience with 2Afrika that my trip report did not cover you are more than welcome to contact me at [email protected]. Dick
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