Which flight crews are the worst?

Dec 27th, 1997, 10:32 AM
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Which flight crews are the worst?

Let's all exchange horror stories about which flight crew is the worst. Now that's a topic we can all sink our teeth in to.
Dec 30th, 1997, 07:05 PM
K.L. Ku
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Dear Sir:
As mine experience, the flight crews of Untied Airline are the worst.
Dec 30th, 1997, 11:02 PM
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My worst experience was 9 hours on Malaysian Airlines. There was absolutely NO service or attention between hurried MEALS. I know of 2 other people who wrote letters of complaint from this flight. The call button was on for 8 hours before someone came along turned it off and didn't ask why it was on. Never again. Actually this was my only bad experience out of the Asian airlines and Australia.
Feb 22nd, 1998, 12:19 PM
Wilco van Eeden
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The worst airline crew must be that of Egypt Air. The crew are so un-attentive, that one should think that they are passengers as well!
Mar 1st, 1998, 09:25 AM
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The deinition is not clear. What do u eexpect from your crew? Do u want to be pampered? do u want to be left alone? Do u wish they wake u for meals or do u prefer to go through the flights sleeping all the way. - your wishes create the crew.
Jun 13th, 1998, 09:51 AM
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Olympic gets my vote.
Jun 19th, 1998, 01:42 AM
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Ethiopian Airlines gets my vote.
Jun 24th, 1998, 07:10 AM
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Our vote is for Alitalia. Untrained, undisciplined, uncaring. They simply disappeared once we were airborne, only to be found schmoozing among themselves back in the galley. They couldn't be bothered with giving me a glass of water, simply pointed to the bottle and kept on chatting. They looked like unmade beds, their hair and uniforms were a mess, and they fed themselves first. All I kept thinking: I hope the pilot is not cut out of the same cloth.
Jun 29th, 1998, 06:52 AM
Jason Metcalf
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I would say that South African Airways is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes they are great, but alot of times they are very unattentive. Went from the NY to Johannesburg (the world's longest non-stop at 14 or 15 hours) and I think that they came around 3 times.

Interestingly enough, Air Botswana is pretty good.
Jul 7th, 1998, 01:36 AM
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Whats the meaning of this discussion?????

Jul 9th, 1998, 08:36 PM
Kim Ross
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Olympic's crews are among the rudest people I've ever met. Surprisingly, Qantas crews are not the easy going, friendly Aussies of Paul Hogan's ilk. They are anal retentive, unyielding sticklers for rules that don't make sense. If they were the only Aussies I met, I would have turned right around and gone back home.

The only friendly, helpful cabin attendants I have encountered in years are those on Southwest. All the other US airline crews are equally bad. I hope they're there for our safety because they're sure not there to provide service. Helping a passenger might cause them to break a nail.

And the next time you fly, notice how the crew in 1st class totally ignores female passengers.

Frankly it surprises me that more passengers don't assault flight crew members. On the other hand, are the stews (male or female) worth a night in jail? Tough call sometimes!

B'bye -- as they say.
Jul 22nd, 1998, 02:51 AM
Hot Tamale
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We traveled via Olympic to Athens and then onto Tel Aviv in 1995. The craft was dirty, especially the toilet. They didn't clean the craft between flights. The stewardesses were unfriendly (but this may be more cultural--my Greek friend tells me the the Greeks "just don't give a damn.")The landings were unsteady. Mind you it's a 10 hour flight from NY to Greece. This year we went back to Greece but decided to use Swissair instead of Olympic. We flew into Geneva for a connecting flight to Greece and we flew out of Zurich for a connecting flight to NY. The Swissair crew was friendly and attentive and the craft was very clean. The landings were solid.
Jul 28th, 1998, 09:55 AM
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The worst experience I had with airlines are TWA from the crews to the tickets' agents.
The "inside China airlines" have good service but absolutely terrifying landings.
Aug 17th, 1998, 06:08 PM
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I have years of flying and am an upper tier frequent flyer. The most obnoxious airline employee I have ever encountered was on Air France. We arrived @ Orly with 12 minutes to make an overseas connection. We ran from one Hall to another to catch our flight. When we arrived at the gate (1 minute before flight time) we were stopped from boarding by an Air France employee who berated us for not seeing her at the arrival gate. She literally yelled at us and blocked us from boarding the aircraft while she vented her spleen.
Another employee was gracious enough to move her out of the way so we could finally board. Once on board another passenger said she was standing off to one side of the arrival gate with a small handwritten sign at waist level (the other side from us!) I spoke to the
purser and said I had a complaint. She said she would see me in a few minutes.
3 1/2 hrs later I went to find her. She said she was sure I had misunderstood.
End of conversation. I wrote Air France and I have never received a reply. If this turns anyone from Air France - all the better.
Aug 24th, 1998, 05:47 PM
Dennis & Lois
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Pakistan Int'l Airways is right up there with the worst...even if they had tried, the crew could not compensate for the lack of food and "warm" beverages..no wonder they said a prayer before takeoff! Then they all disappeared for the rest of the flight - self-serve was the name of the game...and it was a very long game!
Aug 26th, 1998, 09:48 PM
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TWA sucks!!!! What do you think of Royal Jordanian? Is it safe?
Sep 5th, 1998, 05:33 AM
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Merpati, the Indonesian domestic airline would have to be the worst ever. We were bumped off a flight and had to wait at the airport (which was little more than a tin shed for several hours) until I realised that all it took to get on a plane was a bribe to the right official

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