Where should I stay in Eilat?


Mar 15th, 2001, 06:34 PM
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Where should I stay in Eilat?

I'm interested in taking a trip to Eilat with my family. I am looking to stay at a top-notch resort and I was wondering if any one has any recommendations or tips??!! Thanks in advance.
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Mar 18th, 2001, 09:46 AM
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My personal favorite is Herrods which is a Starwood (Sheraton, Westin, etc) property. Nice location, much better beach than the new Hilton.
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Mar 19th, 2001, 11:02 PM
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Hi Lucy,

I can recomend you of some real nice and good hotels in this great city, one of them would be the Ambasador Hotel, its a good one, lots of activities especially in the season great pool and you just have to cross the road and go down to this sweet small divers beach, personaly i like it the most.
another hotel is the "Dan" its a very good one and has also great beach the third one is Club med which you can all enjoy in a bit different way.
Have a great time,
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Mar 21st, 2001, 02:31 AM
Lorelle VanFossen
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We just spent a week there and are going back tonight for another 5 nights. Just 30 minutes north of Eilat is a wonderful kibbutz to stay at. Sure, you can stay at the luxury hotels and feel like you haven't left Las Vegas, New York, LA or Miami. Or you can stay in this wonderful kibbutz and have the most relaxing and enjoyable trip of your life.

Kibbutz Lotan can be contacted at 972-8-635-6935 or email at [email protected] and their website is www.kibbutzlotan.com. They have little "cottages" to stay in which accomodate a couple to six people (tightly) and they also have "dorm" rooms that comfortably handle a larger "friendly" or "family" group. Their rooms are totally non-smoking, and most have a small kitchenette and fridge, and the kibbutz buildings are all done Santa Fe style, very visually friendly in the desert.

The kibbutz is a tourist center, as well as a holistic center and birdwatching center. They have tour guides you can hire for very reasonable rates to take you around the area personally, whether you are birdwatching or exploring, or they can get you off on your own to wherever you want to explore. It is also an organic garden and agricultural kibbutz, with a wonderful organic garden to explore with loads of educational material.

It is just north of Timna (a family play center with loads of historical, archeological and just fun things to do), Kibbutz Yovatav (a famous dairy in Israel with a chain of restaurants), and the famous Hai-Bar Ranch, a drive through safari hosting animals now exinct in Israel from Africa and other parts of the Middle East.

Prices are incredibly reasonable. They can be just the room and no board, or full or half board. They have three meals a day for full board with very good cafeteria food, and the company is really enjoyable.

Everyone is really friendly, and there is one of the most beautiful swimming pool areas in all of Israel there. They even have a desert nature reserve which can be explored with permission, watching a wide variety of desert animals and birds from blinds around the reserve.

One of the best parts of the kibbutz, among the many great things, is the awesome holistic center which offers massages by appointment. They are very reasonable and excellent for the long traveling and exploring the area attracts for tourists. They offer a wide range of massage techniques from shiatsu to basic oil massage.

I can't say enough wonderful about the place. It is really lovely and they are so helpful there. It's seriously worth a consideration. As a temporary long term resident of Israel, I've had my share of musty-smokey hotel rooms and nasty people who should be thankful for my business. Finding Kibbutz Lotan was like coming home to a wonderful family. In fact, they just called me a few minutes ago to confirm our arrival and were welcoming me like I WAS family. That's great.

Good luck with it. And take time to visit the Underwater Observatory and Aquarium (skipping the movie show - it's awful but do take the submarine trip), and swim with the dolphins. It only lasts about 25 minutes and goes too fast, but it is still a great experience. If you decided to eplore any of the great sites in Jordan or Eygpt, like Petra, make sure you schedule a lazy day the next day as the trip over the rough roads and all the heavy walking through the hot deserts and rocks - you will need to recover before going onto the next thing as it takes a huge toll on your body, especially your spine.


Lorelle VanFossen
Tel Aviv
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