When to go to Morocco? What to do in 8-9 days?


May 25th, 1999, 04:00 AM
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When to go to Morocco? What to do in 8-9 days?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Morocco in 2000. Would March or September/October (or another time) be the best time to go? (We're also planning a trip to Peru next year, so we're trying to decide which trip to do when.)

Also, what are the "can't-miss" things to do in Morocco? We definitely want to stay in Marrakech, and we're interested in a trip to the mountains as well as possibly a desert overnight trip. Where else should we visit/stay away from? How much is "too much" to do in a week? Thanks!
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May 25th, 1999, 08:59 AM
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Definitely do the desert overnight (camels are actually very entertaining transportation) and a jeep tour through the Atlas Mountains can be part of that (we used a tour group in Denver who arranged both). Don't miss: the medina in Fez; Volubilis, the Roman village outside Meknes; Chefchaouen, the whitewashed village in the mountains due east of Tangier; the Jemaa El Fnaa Square in Marrakech, at night.
In any city you are touring (except for Chefchaouen, which is very small), hire a licensed guide, through your hotel or the tourist office. DON'T hire one of the touts at the train station, port, etc. They'll give you 15 minutes of history, and then hustle you into either a rug shop or a souvenir shop. The official guides will eventually take you into a couple of shops, but their extensive information on their city and culture is imparted to you for the vast majority of the time. These guides cost about $25 a DAY (as in "twelve hours"). They are worth every dime; they can take you into places that you'd not know even existed (like the Medina's communal breadbaker).
We went in early October, and the weather was wonderful (1 1/2 days of rain in two weeks, and it was more of a mist).
You'll land in Casablanca; take a train to Fez, stay overnight; next afternoon, take a train to Meknes, stay overnight; Volubilis the next morning; train to Marrakesh; stay overnight; tour city; stay overnight; next day, head for mountains and desert; return to Marrakesh the day BEFORE you leave from Casablanca to fly home (there are planes from Marrakesh to Casa, or trains).
You can't see everything is one week, but you can definitely see a good portion of the country...then you just want to go back and see the rest!
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May 26th, 1999, 05:16 AM
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My husband and I will be in Morocco for 10 days in June. We are very interested in doing a desert overnight trip. Could anyone be specific about where they went, how, costs, etc?
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