What's your favorite African Sundowner?

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I'm looking forward to trying some of the African beers, though, my tastes run more like Lisa's. If it's cold, a nice glass of red would be good, or a snifter of B&B... Do they carry Pimm's at the camps? I like a Pimm's and soda when it's warm. (These do not have the same effect on me..hic...as..hic..gin and tonics..) ;-) (I do love a nice gin and tonic though.)
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Nothing like a cool one (African beer of course) at camp after arriving back from safari - perfect .

A nice glass of S. African wine always hit the spot later.

Our German boatmates in the Seychelles drank Shandy's - Kind tasty and thirst quenching - Had never heard of this concoction prior.
All the education we get when traveling - priceless
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Hot chocolate and Amarula -- a CCA speciality I discovered at Londoz and have had fun introducing to other camps across Southern Africa.

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At home, I like Amarula in coffee. Mix one up in a roadie cup and it makes the drive to work much more pleasant. (kidding about for breakfast or driving but I do like it!)

Sundowners - I'm not picky. Give me a South African red wine or G&T's. Either one is perfect!
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Hmmm...wonder how Amarula would taste in cold Chocolate Milk, since I am more likely to be on safari during the warmer months than the colder months.

Better yet, however, would be Chocolate Milk without the alcohol and those mushrooms that Matt from England spoke of in another thread!

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Definitely Amarula is my favorite African drink. I like it straight over ice, and also great with hot chocolate on a cold morning or evening (I agree with Jasher that Londolozi rangers make the best hot chocolate with Amarula). When at home, and the weather is warmer, I like to mix some Amarula with Starbucks mocha flavored frappuccino over ice (really yummy!)
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Chocolate milk,pizza,and chili cheese fries.I think you are my long lost brother Rocco! I'm sure we are the "largest" fodorities though.BTW i just got another cat so i'm only 7 pets behind you.
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Well, that depends on how many animals I had at last count. I had 11 dogs, then we were able to find a loving home for the newest addition (this about six months ago) but then three months ago a little Chihuahua followed Alexsandra into the gym (it was on a busy street) and she brought him home, so we are back to 11.

I NEVER thought I would like a Chihuahua, but "Fredo" (Fray-Do), as I named him, is turning out to be an awesome little dog with more personality than I ever could imagine. Best of all, although he is a male, my Corgi, also a male, loves him and now has a friend (my Corgi does not get along with the other three males, two of whom are his own sons).

Anyway, enough with the canine Days Of Our Lives...onto the FOOD.

Oh, I am bad. Even when I was a vegetarian for a couple years, and a waist 30 from working out two hours a day, my idea of dinner was a loaf of cinnamon chunky bread washed down with a quart of chocolate milk!

Now my idea of great food includes pizza, chili fries, pastrami sandwiches, bean & cheese burritos, pasta swimming in marinara sauce, and my favorite is Persian food. For anyone living in Orange County or even in L.A. county, do yourselves a favor and get down to a restaurant called "Darya" across from the South Coast Plaza, on Sunflower...it has a Santa Ana address but is right on the Costa Mesa border. The best Persian food ever...it is to Persian food what Bukhara's in South Africa is to Indian food.

One of these days I am going to open my own game lodge and have the BEST food...no more cream based soups, no more mousse for dessert, no more eggs on toast for breakfast! Bring in the Minnestrone Soup, bring in the Marion Berry pie with melting vanilla ice cream for dessert and bring in Belgian Waffles with real maple syrup for breakfast! Only because I am so spoiled at home am I able to go on safari to some pretty great places and still lose weight each time.
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When you open that lodge, let me know - I'm there!!

Of course a G&T is always a great choice to take care of malaria ! But I also became quite partial to African red wine. DH liked the local beers. At Nxabega, one appeared for him without him even having to ask for it.
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As I’m always on my way back to camp while the sun is setting I’ve never had a sundowner. If I want a drink for the campfire I just grab some tea without water, sugar, nor tea. I’m a milk drinker and I don’t get enough occasions to drink milk in Africa.

When I open my camp I’ll have no Minestrone soup, but lots of gazpacho. I googled for “marion berry” (blackberry or politician?). Passion fruit pie would be more suitable for Kenya. Waffles are nice, but not for breakfast and definitely not with maple syrup – passion fruit jam is better! The best time would be to let the guests take them with them on the afternoon game drive.

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ttt...in case we have some new Africaphiles who want to play!
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I too enjoyed the hot chocolate and amarula at Londoz. In fact I am planning to serve it at a campfire at our summer cottage on July 1 ( Canada Day). What I also enjoyed at Phinda was gin with a Bitter Lemon. Have discovered a store here that sells it
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I just love sipping a cold Dawa while sitting ‘round a crackling campfire before dinner.
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Amarula Cream has to be the drink of the Gods! But the sundowner most enjoyed was Savvanah Dry Cider icy cold, biltong and dried apricots watching the sun slowly sink over the waterhole with the real fan palms sillohetted against the purpling sky! h! Bliss.
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Amarula -on-the-rocks is my after dinner choice. Gin and Tonic ALWAYS at Sundown----but then I am a Brit.
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I first heard of Amarula on this thread last year before my safari and I must say it lived up to the hype. I loved it on the rocks. Also enjoyed an occasional G&T.
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Just give me a swig of my water bottle, a squat behind the bush, and on with the game viewing. Skip the table, doilies, biscuits, variety of mini booze bottles, and chocolate strawberries (that's for Hari). Grab your binocs and go spot something.

I know, there has to be a crabby spoil sport in every bunch.
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Lynn, are you back?!
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Lynn! You are such a lovely crabby spoil sport - Are you back or just feeding your addiction in an airport Cyber-Cafe?

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Hi Lynn,

If it helps...i had some chocolate covered espresso beans a few days ago!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

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