What is the Rocco Saga

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What is the Rocco Saga

I have had so much fun reading all your posts and seeing the different opinions on all the camps it has kept me busy for two days just reading what you have all had to say, however my curiosity is now killing me. I read with intrest the report on Botswana by Rocco which was amazing and then a few posts later I read a post that said remember how you were all taken in by Rocco and the rocco Saga, I cannot figure out what it was, is he no longer an operator? Can anyone tell me?
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More of a soap opera than a saga.
In 2000 when my son turned 8 I decided he was old enough to travel outside the US and started looking for places that would hold his interest. Africa, because of the animals, was one place.

It was in this forum that I first learned of a website called Sky Auction by a poster named Rocco who had "won" a safari to Africa. He was frequently flamed (or at least singed) that these discounts pkgs. weren't really anything to write home about because they were low season and standard accommodations. He then, if I remember right, found "Luxury Link" as an up-market alternative to Sky Auction for discount, low season, safaris, at up-market lodges/camps.

We didn't go to Africa because most camps had an age limit of 12 then.

Forward to 2004 when my son turned 12. Rocco is still on this forum and has become somewhat of the resident expert on SA/Botswana. He has discovered shoulder season, up-market camps as an alternative to low season, mid-market and seems to have been incorporated into the fold on the Africa forum.

We went to China and Japan instead the following year.

Forward again to 2007, still trying to get to Africa, the Africa forum greets me with a "Where's Rocco" thread. I actually chucked and thought maybe he had moved to SA.

I looked through the threads for Tanzania and was absolutely shocked that he had spent $15,000 on his safari to TZ - from Sky Auction to luxury, high-season. Wow! That is quite an Africa bug, I thought. Is this the same Rocco who used Sky Auction? I wondered and went back to the beginning. It was!

And now he was starting his own travel agency. Things went badly for a few people on this forum who contracted him as their TA - deposits not paid to camps, I think.

One poster commented that she thought he had only become a TA to get discounted rates and special attention from camps.

And just like watching a soap opera, I was talking outloud to the pc screen saying, Yes, he's exactly like that!!
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Thankyou Tinlizzy,

That was very well explained, I am sure that many people do that to get special rates, you would think by now that hotels had cottened onto the idea and were actually saying pay upfront and then when you book we will refund you.

Did you ever get to Africa????? You must take your child it is such a good place for them to learn, and your sun is so lucky to have a mum that travels with him so much!
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What Tinlizzy said, except it was Zambia, not Botswana that he specialised in.
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Hi Doogle - I'm sure Kavey knows best. I was popping in and out and just like a soap some of the main players are always around and the peripheral posters change.
I answered because I could sense the pain in past threads from both the people who missed Rocco's over the top, charismatic presense and the people who felt duped and I figured no one else would answer. I think everyone was wounded by the events around Rocco.

And to answer your question: No, we have still not made it to Africa. In 2001 we went to Fla. and then up to NYC and saw the "Lion King". It was the perfect vacation and he now loves the theatre and New York. L.A., Disney World, Disney cruises, San Diego, Hawaii, Europe for a month, Central America, Mexico, China, Japan, 3 more cruises covering probably 10 island countries in the Caribbean, New York two more times and still no Africa!

We are going this year if I have to hitchhike to the Serengeti - hand out, palm up for those who think I'm kidding

My son knows he has an eccentric mother and is doing his best to cope with it! He graduates from H.S. in 2009 and is already making plans to show his girlfriend NYC on his own. I think he might be more like me than he realizes...

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Rocco is still doing his boxing photography, don't think he's doing much on his travel business.
A shame he ended here on a bad note. His bombastic personality was unrivaled.
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