west africa---togo,benin,ghana,mali

Nov 4th, 2002, 11:53 AM
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west africa---togo,benin,ghana,mali

I'm trying to put together a trip to West Africa for next december and would love input from folks who traveled in the area of the world

thinking fly to lagos (from NYC) then overland through togo, benin, to accra

from there fly to bomako through bukina faso

then out to timbuktu and back to bomako

from there i have not figured out the best way to get out or the most cost efficient

???? probably fly back to lagos through accra or maybe overland to dakar but that sounds like hell

thinking of planning the trip out of dakar
but from New York... Lagos seems to be a little less expensive

any info greatly appreciated

Nov 4th, 2002, 01:48 PM
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Of the countries you listed, I have only visited Benin, Togo and Ghana, but I would advise flying into Accra and then maybe catching a flight to Cotonou, Benin. I originally planned on flying into Lagos, but from what I've heard about the airport and ground travel in Nigeria, I decided it would be wiser and safer to avoid Nigeria.
Nov 5th, 2002, 03:44 AM
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Micheal, thanks... i was wondering what safety conditions would be like on the ground in nigeria....there is a meridien in lagos and i plan to contact them for further information

can you give me any information on accomdations in benin and togo

accra has plenty of choices from for accomodations

what about time in all three countries....is 3 days in each enough

are there sights to see or is it mosdtly just kinda traveling through to have a look...not looking to lay on the beach or by a pool

would love to snorkel a bit

also any airline information would be great...

thanks chris
Nov 5th, 2002, 01:18 PM
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In Benin, I based myself at the Sheraton in Cotonou, and from there I visited the royal palaces in Abomey (I hired a car with driver), Ganvie (a village on stilts in a lagoon) and Ouidah (to me, not that interesting, but close to Cotonou). The most interesting thing in Cotonou was the Grand Marche, a very large market with a large fetish (dried animals, bones, feathers) section.

I only spent a few hours in Togo on my way from Benin to Ghana, basically to sightsee within Lome (the capital) and visit its fetish market. Three days might be a little much in Togo and you might want to extend your time in Ghana, the highlight for me of that trip. I also made it into Cote d'Ivoire, but in light of recent political turmoil, it might not be a safe destination at this time.

I think the sea in the Bight of Benin is too choppy for snorkeling, but I could be mistaken. There also is no reef so I'm not sure what sealife you'd see. Others may have better info on this than I do.
Nov 20th, 2002, 07:49 AM
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can anyone tell me who i can book flight from accra to bomako and back from here in the states

air france
air ghana
air cameroon

also has anyone taken the train from bomako to dakar????? cost??? comfort??? time and how many departures a week???


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