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Well I Can Post a New Message - So In Response to Rocco re Selous & Tarangire


Nov 24th, 2003, 11:41 AM
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Well I Can Post a New Message - So In Response to Rocco re Selous & Tarangire

Roccco -

In conjunction with other posts, getting around Tanzania has a lot to do with air schedules, whether major carrier to get you into/out of the country or the intra-country small planes. So I would agree to depart from DAR if this is your last stop instead of trying to get back to Kili. I'm still waiting for a reply from my friend re driving to the Selous, but SusanLynn has given you an idea of length of drive.

Tarangire is a lovely park, but I don't believe you need 3-days here. As to driving from and between the Serengeti back to Tarangire - can do; first fly to furthest distance than do the drive back. This is usually done the opposite way with many people driving to the Serengeti and then flying back, but either way works. Some roads are good, others not so, but that's also part of the experience/adventure.

Whether you break up your safari time with relaxing in Zanzibar or one of the out islands, is very personal. I'd rather get all the hard stuff done first, then rest at the end - again it's personal. Not unlike many relaxing in the Seychelles or Mauritius after safari.

Now as to the animals experiences - Zambia with skittish less acclimated animals versus those at Kruger - and the experience at the Selous - let's be realistic. Selous will provide the closest to a Southern Africa (Zambia-type) experience in East Africa; and there are only two really viable accommodations in the entire Selous, Sand River being the best.

Hey, we found many more skittish animals in the Serengeti versus the Mara - but it all comes down to the fact that we're dealing with animals. It's not like an email is sent and the animals have to prepare themselves for our visits and hopefully great "photo-ops". There are days when nothing different, exciting or unusual occurs and then when you least expect it "surprise of surprises."

You've already done two trips to Africa, and both have been different - and whether your third trip or tenth, you have to accept whatever is, whenever.

Right now for instance, the Mara is still full of herds of wildebeast and zebra, just lollying around, and have yet to start the return trip to the Serengeti - end November is late. So there are no guarantees.

A close friend who had contact with National Geographic photographers, has mentioned that some years, they never get to photo a "crossing" and these are professionals who always have their equipment ready to snap away. And the famous Hugo Van Lawick, known for the amazing stuff that has come out of East Africa, admitted it often took up to 3-years to produce some of their films for Nature, PBS, etc.

Safari in Africa is what it is, and that is really the best way to approach it. You might be able to control/select where you put your head down at night - but none of us have any control of the animals, they are just that - animals.

In whatever order you arrange the itinerary, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful, exciting and interesting experience and you'll have great tales to tell.
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