Wadi Rum or snorkel?


Oct 26th, 2005, 02:25 PM
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Wadi Rum or snorkel?

I'm on a cruise and have only two days in Aqaba. I'll do Petra on the first day, but I need help for the second day. I've been looking at the photos of Wadi Rum and the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia', and it looks very similar to the American southwestern desert. Those of you who've been to both Utah or Arizona desert, is Wadi Rum very different?
I see I can arrange a snorkeling trip in Aqaba also. Here's my dilemna - if Wadi Rum is unique, then it's my first choice. But if Wadi Rum is just like American desert, then I'd rather snorkel. Tell me what you thought of Wadi Rum.
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Oct 27th, 2005, 03:09 AM
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To me, no two deserts are that similar if you really look at them - the settings, the shapes and the local people too...

At first glance the orange sands of Wadi Rum look like those of the Namib Desert but the two are very different experiences indeed.

If you're not that into this kind of landscape and find them simply a pretty scene to look at then you may find Wadi Rum just the same old same old but if you're into desert landscapes it's a beautiful one, for sure.

Hard to call really.

For what it's worth I found Aquaba a really disappointing town, lacking in character, ugly and dull. I didn't do any diving, which I'm sure would be good, but I certainly found the accommodations, restaurants and so on disappointing.
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