Visiting Israel from Jordan, is it possible?

Dec 1st, 1998, 05:07 PM
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Visiting Israel from Jordan, is it possible?

My wife and I are visiting the Middle East in April. After Egypt, we're travelling overland to Petra and Amann in Jordan.
Before flying on to Europe, we're thinking of visiting Israel for a couple of days. Are there any tours run out of Amann or should we just take public transport to and from Jerusalem and look around ourselves?
Your help much appreciated.
Dec 2nd, 1998, 06:12 AM
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There are tours from Amman to Israel, as well you can take a bus to Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem and book a tour there for Israel. If it is your first time it will be advisable to take a guided tour so you can see more in a short and get more info .There is Mazada Tours that go to Amann and probably they have a corresponding agency there that orgenizes tours to Israel. If you don't like am orgenized tour you can rent a car, take maps and go on your own. All the renting companies will provide you with directions. There are visitor centers in each city that have brochures on all the locations and give suggestions where to go and what to see including restaurants and accomodation.
So have fun. I wish I could come too.
Dec 2nd, 1998, 01:13 PM
Bob Walker
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We are flying to Amman in February, touring Jordan possibly in a rental car, and then somehow going to Jerusalem for a few days. I'm also wondering about the best way to get from Amman to Jerusalem.
Dec 3rd, 1998, 05:49 AM
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Check with the authorities if you can enter Israel when your passport has Egyptian/Jordanian stamps. I don't know what the situation is like nowadays, but a few years ago one could not enter Israel.

Sep 14th, 1999, 12:20 PM
Debra Silver
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No you've got it totally backward re the visas---the Arab countries used to not let you in with an Israeli stamp on your passport. But there's no problem with Egypt, Jordan or Morrocco and probably some of the others.
Sep 14th, 1999, 05:13 PM
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Hi, Steve,
For a point of info, how are you traveling "overland" from Egypt to Jordan without going through Israel?

There are apparently a lot of short tours possible originating in Jordan and visiting Israel, mainly Jerusalem. For example, see
I imagine your hotel in Amman can arrange these very easily. I agree that a bus tour is probably the best way to see a lot in a short time, without fretting about customs, traffic, parking or security. Certainly lots of Jordanians travel to Israel nowadays; the sight of Jordanian license plates next to the beach at Tel Aviv is pretty common.

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