Visa for South Africa


Dec 1st, 2005, 02:59 PM
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Visa for South Africa

Never having traveled to Africa at all, I was surprised to learn that entry into South Africa is forbidden unless one has two blank facing pages in his or her passport that are specifically marked for visas.

My source of info is a friend who was denied boarding the airplane in the US because of this requirement. He had two empty pages in the back of his passport, but they were not marked "Visas" at the top of the page. They were for amendments!!

Although he had empty pages for visas, he did not have blank facing pages and he was, therefore, denied boarding.

He had been told that he needed two blank facing pages, but the technicality that the tops of those pages in the rear of the passport are NOT marked "Visas" prevented him from being able go depart.

Anybody ever hear of this requirement for entry into South Africa??
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Dec 1st, 2005, 04:05 PM
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Facing pages is petty. One cannot control where customs stamps your passport and should argue that point. If there are empty visa pages available. My admendment pages have been stamped in my last 3 passports by foreign countries. I don't think they really care as much as the sticklers, like airlines. You'll notice you got through US Customs without a problem.

But a trick, if you make it out of the states, go to the US embassy if you have a couple hours, lets say Malawi or South Africa as examples, where I have done this. Tell them your empty page problem and they will add extra pages no charge on the spot. No need to buy a new passport.
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Dec 2nd, 2005, 03:41 AM
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Unfortunately, the airlines get picky with this rule, so it's difficult to argue with them. A thread a few months back mentioned how some folks (part f a group) actually weren't allowed on their flight out of ATL; paid for their own flight to Washington DC to get pages added by the SA Embassy.

So as luangwablones mentions - if you get out of the US you should be fine, however, if you have time before your departure and a number of years till passport expires, have additional pages inserted. There is no fee for these.

Download the form from the passport site, complete and send (with your passport) to the passport office... should be back in your hands within 3-weeks.

I just renewed my passport and it was back to me in 3-weeks (sure will miss my old one with so many great worldwide stamps).

But those 2-blank-facing pages are the rules.
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