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jenack Oct 22nd, 2007 07:45 PM

video/photo transfer help...PLEASE!!
Ok, I need some help....and I put in many, many hours of work before bothering you guys!! I have 2 hours of video footage on mini DV tape, that I wanted to edit and mix with photos, music, etc., and put onto a standard DVD for family use in a standard dvd know the drill. So, I downloaded the trial version of Proshow Gold. It did not, however, recognize my camcorder coming in through the USB port(my computer also did not recognize the camera, it does not show up as a drive when plugged in). So I used the cd software that came with the camcorder and put that software on the computer. That enabled me to import the video onto the computer, but Proshow still could not see it, and the camcorder software is not adequate to create a DVD. I tried to copy the video files from the camcorder software's destination folder and move them into 'my documents' to see if my computer or Proshow could access them that way, but no go, and even with the camcorder software installed, my computer does not recognize the USB drive. So I used Windows movie maker, which came with the laptop, and that was able to import the video from the comcorder software's destination folder, and I spent a lot of time reviewing and editing the video, and adding still shots. Then I went to bring in music from my Itunes, but, I guess because it is a windows product, it would not accept music files from there. So I burned a disc with a few songs off Itunes and tried coming in that way, but that did not work either, it still would not accept the format. So I went to Walmart's online site and re-bought a song I wanted to use, downloaded it for use with windows XP, and sent it straight to my music folder without going through my normal Itunes and tried to import that, and it would not import because it said it was digitally protected and I could not import it even though it downloaded with a license, etc. Then, as I got ready to burn what I have finished so far just to see what it looks like on DVD and make sure it works, I saw that all I could do was write to a CD and that cd would handle it 1)as a file that could be replayed on a computer or 2)that could be replayed on equipment that handles High M.A.T. audio/visual, not onto a standard DVD as I would like.
So, not really sure WHAT to do now. Thinking of taking the mini-dv tape to a dvd transfer store, and having them transfer it onto a DVD for me, then trying to import off the DVD into the computer again through Proshow Gold, but not even sure if that would work....any experience and thoughts here? thanks

cary999 Oct 22nd, 2007 08:33 PM

I have no experience with mini DV format so I'm shooting from the hip. Hopefully someone will answer you that has done this.

However, it seems to me that it is time to go back to square one and work with the mini DV tape. Proshow will work with movie files of the type mpeg-1, mpeg-2, and mpeg-4 (and others). There are many others but these are common. Can you convert the mini DV tape to one of these formats?

I know how frustrating this type of project can be. I've been involved with similar "learning opportunities" for a few years.

regards - tom

cary999 Oct 22nd, 2007 09:14 PM

An idea. Will Windows Movie Maker let you save its output as mpeg or avi type files? NOT as DVD. If so, try loading the mine DV tape into WMM, then no editting or anything, save its output as an mpg or avi file. (NOT a DVD) (If mpg, use mpg1 or mpg2, mpg4 is terrible quality). Then open up Proshow and drag that new file into it and go to work.

regards - tom

jenack Oct 23rd, 2007 07:50 PM

Thanks as always. I decided to try to stick with what I have done already and see if it will work since I have done so much and would like to try and finish it for this weekend when my family is coming over. I found a way to convert itunes files to mp3 right in the itunes menu, and I also found a fix online which I downloaded, and it converts audio files that are protected, so I got the songs I wanted from my itunes into the storyboard. Now I am trying to apply the songs, clean up the project, and then I will find someway to get it onto a DVD, I refuse to believe it cannot be done!!

cary999 Oct 23rd, 2007 10:22 PM

You're welcome and good luck. Yep, every thing is possible with computers, you just have to know which keys to hit.

regards - tom
ps - the standard DVD movie file is an mpeg-2 format with DVD instruction stuff added around it. If WMM will give you an mpg file output, it should be happy in Proshow.

sniktawk Oct 24th, 2007 01:01 AM

Why not get a proper editing package, you have probably spent a lot of money on your holiday and camera!

shmulb Oct 24th, 2007 03:44 AM

As an avid videographer and photographer I will jump in here.
The fact that you have your footage on mini-dv is the best way to start.
Now to get your unedited tape onto your PC you MUST use a Firewire cord. A USB cable/port will simply not get all the content, there is no way around this (USB simply does not have the speed to keep up with the flow of data). Fortunately firewire is not expensive to add (if your PC does not already have one).
Now forget the programs that came with your camera, they are junk.
I am not familiar with ProShow, but I think it is more a slide show program than a video editor.
There are a few consumer level programs available. Pinnacle Studio - U-Lead - Vegas Movie Studio - here is a link to some reviews
I personally use Vegas, It has a steep learning curve , but is a very powerful program, rock solid and has a great user forum for help.
Pinnacle is the most common,and easy to learn, but is very buggy and extremely frustrating, I dumped my copy after 6 months.
All editors come with there own capture utility to transfer the file to the PC. Or you can Google video capture, and find free utilities that can capture for your editor.
Whatever editor you choose, go easy on the fancy transitions between scenes. Simple cross fades and cuts with overlapping sound work best.
Music is another topic. Basically you are not allowed to use anyones published music, especially if you intend to profit from your work, without paying royalties. Now if you rip a track or two from a CD you own as a "backup" I doubt that anyone will care.
The final stage is to burn your edited movie to DVD, again most editing programs have there own DVD authoring software built in, or you can get separate software for that.
So to summarize your steps.
1.Capture video from Camera to PC (give you multiple AVI files)
2.Edit your video on the PC.
3.Render your edited masterpiece to an MPG file (thats the format that DVD uses) (this can be done by your editing program or your DVD burning program)
4. Test it on a DVD player attached to a PC.
I hope this gives you a basic understanding of the process, the ads showing camera to PC to TV in 1 step are very misleading.

jenack Oct 24th, 2007 09:01 AM

Thanks for that detailed response, and if I have to start again, that is pretty much the route I will take, but right now I am trying to finish the editing process as I am close, and then I am going to see how to get it off the machine, including possibly using Sonic's software, myDVD, which should be able to interface with the Movie maker and maybe pull the thing out of there, convert it, and burn it. Gonna worry about that when I get there!!
thanks again

cary999 Oct 24th, 2007 12:27 PM

schmulb - interesting, going via USB, you are saying there is no flow control between the camera and PC? Data flow gets trashed at the PC? That is a strange connection.

regards - tom

shmulb Oct 25th, 2007 03:13 AM

When you are ready to finish, render your movie choosing AVI option. I'm not sure exactly what Movie maker calls that step, but it will give you a very large file. (could be 14 - 20 Gb).
Then when you start with Sonic choose that file and it will compress it and convert it to a MPG of 4.7 or 9.4 GB
Cary999 - Firewire as well as having the speed for the transfer also allows you to control the playback etc of the Digital camera from the PC. Remember when you are capturing the tape is running at it's real time speed and the connection and the PC hard drive has to keep up with the data flow. When I capture from my camera I disconnect my Internet connection and turn off all anti viruses,firewalls etc, so the PC can do the capturing and nothing else. Dropped frames during capture = jumpy movie. (29.97 frames / sec)

cary999 Oct 25th, 2007 10:57 AM

shmulb - ok, thanks, understand now. Bet it took some doing on your part to figure this out. It would be totally new and tricky for me.

regards - tom

jenack Oct 25th, 2007 11:39 AM

Thanks for the input. I was hoping to have it done and on DVD for the family that are coming in this weekend, but it's not gonna happen, so I am on a more relaxed schedule now. Should be able to finish the project over the next couple of weeks, and then will try your suggestions for moving it onto Sonic MYDVD for burning to DVD.

Thanks to both of you for taking so much time to help.

spiegelcjs Dec 1st, 2007 02:21 PM

I have been having a terrible time trying to edit my videos using Pinnacle Studio 10.1 After an hour on the phone with Dell we have determined that I probably need a better video card.

I have all of the 5 hours of video downloaded onto the computer using the Pinnacle program , but when now trying to edit the footage the program keeps freezing my computer. Additionally I think all of this video along with my 2500 stils has left me on 15% space on 160GB harddrive. It has been suggested that I get a portable harddrive and dump all of the video onto that and then work from there clearing up my main computer, which by the way I need to use for work.

I am willing to by a new editing program, a bigger video card and seperate hard drive but not sure this is the answer.

I have looked at the reviews of the editing programs, and Pinnacle still ranks high for consumer use. Final Cut Pro and Elements are more than I want. I am pretty computer savy and work in that industry but My husband will be doing tghe video editing and he is not so technical. Also will these programs be able to merge my photos with my movies?

Please help, I would like to finish this project before we go to Africa again in 2009.

cary999 Dec 1st, 2007 03:02 PM

Have you considered either Proshow Gold or Proshow Producer? You can download a trial and check it out. I have used both with good success. I'm using it now to make a DVD of our Sep safari which merges photos and video clips and background music. I find it easy to use and results excellent.

As you likely noted in this thread a lot of questions about video camera format and how to convert it. So watch out for that.

regards - tom

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