Vic Falls & Botswana/Tanzania safari


Mar 12th, 2012, 05:57 PM
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Hi T2eat - nice hearing more from you. No, did not do lion walk. I've also had bad experiences in South America, Brazil and Argentina. And like you in Rio during Carnivale, we were trapped in huge crowd and constantly being pushed and grabbed. We feared for our lives. I will not go back to South America anywhere.

Fancy camps (love them ). My personal safety, I have no worries. But camera, even there my camera equipment is pretty much a constant worry!!! If it -all- should be stolen half way through safari, I would likely leave for home. So, when I go for like dinner at (fancy) safari camp I always have a small bag of camera kit with me, just so I'll always have a camera. The few cameras I have left in my camp room I've never had taken, but they are at least hidden some what. I keep two copies of the picture files I've taken, and one of those copies is always on me. Yes, you may call me crazy, I understand . The only camera stolen from me was from JNB airport in checked luggage. My bag arrived late and the little camera inside was the only thing missing.

Sooo, Gob Bless you and keep you safe in your travels. And if you're ever over California way (Los Angeles) send me an email and we'll go for lunch!!!

regards - tom
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