vaccinations/yellow fever


Jul 24th, 1997, 03:27 AM
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vaccinations/yellow fever

We are going to kenya,zanzibar and egypt can anyone advise what vaccinations are recommended? Also what is the cost of the yellow fever vaccination in US$$$? Thanks much! San
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Jul 26th, 1997, 08:21 PM
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Check with your travel agent for current recommendations for vaccinations--also the CDC has a web site which gives that info (sorry don't know the address). The cost of Yellow Fever vaccination may not be much. Where I live, the only place that had that available was the regional county clinic (in a small city an hour from us) therefore the cost was less than $20.00 (maybe it was even $10.00). But, it had something to do with only that clinic actually being capable of administering the yellow fever, for some reason. Anyway, your local physician will be up on that, too.
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