Turkey is just right door


Mar 26th, 1999, 06:08 AM
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Turkey is just right door

I just loved Turkey. I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively through Europe and Asia. Turkey is
the best. The country is beautiful and the history incredible. It is the people that make the difference. The
people are for the most part so warm, hospitable, well mannered, humble, polite and modest. I loved the
East meets West. What a pleasant surprise to see rice cookers in the marketplace! The Turks eat rice, drink
tea - chai, take off their shoes before entering a home and are very Asian in their sensibilities. I felt very at
home there.

One man originally from Uzbekistan stopped me in the street in Istanbul to ask where I was from. He said
we could be related as he was very Asian looking. He then wished me well and went on his way. At first I
was surprised to hear that Japanese women married Turkish men, but the more time I spent there the more
I could see why. Turkey is also very popular with Japanese tourists.

The people were also very endeared that I showed them respect and learned enough Turkish to be polite.
This one man in the marketplace in Istanbul even gave me his 75th Anniversary pin when I asked him in
Turkish how much it cost and where could I get one. He refused to accept any money or fruit so I thanked
him profusely. He just nodded before saying good bye. In the countryside, I got into trouble as I would say
merhaba and the people would be surprised and start talking to me!

While I don't want Turkey too over run by too many tourists, I do wish more people would visit. Everyone
hears about Greece, but Turkey is right next door. The Turkish people also consider Americans good
friends. If you go, just remember you will need $45 US for a visa.
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