Turkey . Great diversity in a trip!!!


May 22nd, 2001, 08:04 PM
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Turkey . Great diversity in a trip!!!

Author: DAVE ([email protected])

Message: Hi ya'll

Managed to do lots traveling clockwise from Istanbul to Cappidoccia to Konya to Olymipos to Kas to Fethiye to Olundeniz to Dalyan to Pammukale to Efesus/Selcuk then back to Istanbul.

I can give great tips on bargaining and not getting ripped off in terms of eating, carpet shopping.

You have to be tough and on the ball if you don't want to be had in Turkey.

Yes i even bargained for the price of beer at restaurants!!! and it worked!!!
Got two carpets and can give you some tips

E mail me if you want to find more.

Or check out my web page which has over 10 pages of my travels/hints/experience on Turkey plus another 30pages on my world travels.


Very helpful info you will find.

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