Jan 25th, 1998, 03:23 AM
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Travelling to Turkey in September and wish to rent a car. Would prefer to collect car out of Istanbul, say, Cannakale. does anyone know if the ferries run between Istanbul and Cannakale or somewhere nearby.

Also need help on airports which connect to Istanbul. We are aware Izmir and Anatalya have an airport, but are there any others between these two points Thank you Denise
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Jan 28th, 1998, 01:42 AM
George Holt
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I don't think any ferries run from Istanbul to Canakkale, your best bet is to take a bus (coach really) to Canakkale from Istanbul, they are quite economic. A Turkish Airlines page I found suggests that THY fly to many destinations in Turkey, some of which I didn't know had any sizeable airport. Most are in the centre and the east but Dalaman is near the coast between Antalia and Izmir (roughly Marmaris way). I don't know if you can get flights from Istanbul, the hub of the country is Ankara and many THY internals fly from there. Dalaman is really for tourist charters so internal flights may not be frequent. When I flew to Malatya in the east many (MANY!) years ago the flights were twice a week each way from Ankara. THY borrowed the military airbase at Malatya at these times and you were escorted off the base by armed guards (all very pleasantly I hasten to say). Maybe this is still how they service so many small towns in the centre and east.
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