Turkey and Greece - backpacking


Apr 4th, 1998, 06:08 PM
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Turkey and Greece - backpacking

How safe is it for 2 young adults to backpack through Turkey and Greece?
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May 15th, 1998, 01:38 PM
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Do not worry to come in Turkey.We had last year around 9,000 000 Tourists.
Contact me.
Best wishes from Istanbul.
If you need any info write me.
[email protected]
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May 20th, 1998, 01:31 PM
Gaar Decker
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I went backpacking in the Kackar mountains in northeast Turkey and I can tell you that it was incredible! You won't see any other people and you can drink from the Coru (sp?) river. If you like I can put you in touch with some of the locals that can guide you. We stayed in a little village in the mountains called Ormondibi. Don't listen to what other people or the government say, you will be perfectly safe. It's the best part of Turkey. Let me know if you would like specific info. E-Mail me and I can even send you some photos.
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