Jun 14th, 2000, 10:04 AM
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I forgot to mention that I was con/tricked by a professional street Turkish tea seller in a mosque.

Again, be careful not to let your guard down.

The street tea seller had followed us into the mosque and had asked us to take his picture at no cost and that it is not a problem.

Once we took his picture, he automatically poured us tea from his big teapot on his back and said we owed him money for the tea. Of course, his price for the tea is rather high. He quoted 750,000 Turkish Lira for the tea.

When we looked into our wallets to pay him, this tea seller created chaos and confusion by telling me and my friend that the money is not right and that we did not have the correct amount and so forth. He was playing against us by confusing my friend and I.

Finally, amidst the confusion, he grab money from my wallet so fast in a split second and switch the bill on me. He then covered his action by giving me a small change.

When I confronted him that he took a 5 million dollar bill from my wallet and the change was incorret, he showed a 500,000 bill. At that time, I knew I had been cheated already and is too late to do anything about it.

The con artist said is not a problem because we are in a mosque and trickery is not accepted in a mosque.

I went to the tourist police and of coure, they did nothing about it.

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Jun 14th, 2000, 03:19 PM
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This, I suspect, is a troll. First, nothing is allowed to be sold in a mosque. Second, those fellows with big teapots on their backs are selling cherry juice, not tea. Third, nobody with a brain in his head opens his wallet in front of a street vendor, much less allows the vendor to reach into the wallet. Again, I suspect this is a fake posting.
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