Jul 11th, 1998, 08:06 AM
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Has anybody information about Tunisia. We are going there in October. What about car rental and driving in Tunisia. Where are the best beaches and the best value-for-money hotels? What about crime? Any information will be appreciated. Nils
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Jul 14th, 1998, 04:38 AM
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Dear Nils
Tunesia is mass tourism or interesting towns and laidback, idyllic places, depending on where you go.
For the second, I would recommend Kairouan (the 3rd most holy place in Islam), Sfax (an authentic city with a very nice market), Kerkennah (rather bare islands just off Sfax), Metameur (here you can stay in a rather primitive village in something called a ksour or a ksar, I believe), Tozeur - or, even better, more authentic: Nefta - (for visiting the desert). Going west from Tozeur, you could turn south in Kebili and then visit Douz with a big market. Smaller oasis towns further south-west are interesting for a short stay. Matmata seemed nice, but a bit touristy. There is a town on the coast (Gabés) that can work as a fine point of departure for the visits to both Tozeur and Matmata. The collective taxi (louage) system works very well, except from Tozeur. Deeper into the south, Tataouine is ok, and you can probably persuade somebody to take you around to some more or less deserted villages. A nice chap on the market did it for us, not too expensively. Djerba is quite nice, in spite of all the tourists. North of Sfax, there is a roman circus in some small town - El Djem, I believe.
The food in Tunesia is sometimes very good - in the more touristy, and thus wealthy - towns, otherwise, in the south, in particular, rather horrible.
The best guide-books I've used are The Rough Guide and le Guide du Routard. The advice above comes from my own experience, though.
Have a nice trip.
PS I believe I have had the pleasure of reading something by you once - on Lebanon, perhaps? Or ... Thanks, anyway.
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Jul 15th, 1998, 12:57 AM
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Thank you Jens for the good information. My wife got delighted on your tips. I do not remember exactly, but did I answer a message from you regarding Cuba. I have not been to Lebanon yet. Have you? Can you recommend it? Nils
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