Trip to Kenya - Nov 26-Dec 9


Jan 26th, 2016, 11:12 PM
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Trip to Kenya - Nov 26-Dec 9

Hi all, I'm planning a trip to Kenya at the end of this year with my husband and my parents. I'm trying to narrow down locations and camps and would really appreciate your help. our budget is $4,000/p, excluding international flights.


Nov 26 Nairobi
Nov 27-28 Amboseli (Ol Tukai)
Nov 29 Naruku(Sarova)
Nov 30-Dec 2 Samburu (Intrepids or elephant bedroom)
Dec 3-6 Mara
Dec 7-8 Nairobi (Giraffe Manor)

We'll be getting a 4X4 and a driver for Nairobi-Amboseli-Naruku-Samburu, and fly between Samburu-Mara-Nairobi.

My questions are:
1. Is Naruku worth a visit in Nov? I've read pretty mixed reports about the park. Is is the only place to see rhinos?
2. Is Nov-Dec a good time to visit Samburu? will the rain be a problem in that area?
3. Where shall we stay in Mara? Love to see as many lions/leopards/cheetahs as possible!

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Jan 27th, 2016, 05:49 AM
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1. There may be short rains by Nov 26, increasing water levels and also flamingos. Even if the lake is at its lowest, there should be some flamingos present. In your itinerary Nakuru is your best shot at a rhino, though black rhinos are sometimes found in the Mara. Nakuru has black and white rhinos. If you did not include Nakuru, you could not go from Amboseli to Samburu in one day. Maybe back to NBO for the night. Or an entirely different configuration with no Nakuru. If your goal for the trip is an overview of the diverse parks of Kenya, then keep Lake Nakuru.

2. Not the best time. You could indeed have rain in Samburu or throughout your trip. The issue in Samburu is the drier times are when eles gather at the river, making a nice sighting. As the other water sources increase, there is less of a need for a mass migration to the river. Another reason to include Samburu is that there are different species in the north. Different zebras, giraffes, ostrich. There are oryx antelope and gerenuk antelope that stretch up on their hind legs to feed. You won't see these in the other parts of your itinerary. But as a tradeoff for not the best wildlife conditions, you are paying lower rates.

3. Try for one of the conservancies in the Mara, such as the Mara Porini camp or Kicheche. Another suggestion, especially if you stay at Samburu Intrepids, then you may want to pair that with Mara Intrepids. Could be a deal there. Many, many options for the Mara.

One thought on Giraffe Manor, you may want to put that at the start of your trip because

(1)the more managed environment with "tame giraffes" is often more appealing at the front end of the trip and less appealing at the end after you have been out in the more wild bush areas. Also it appears you maybe spending a day in NBO for the activities and those are also usually more appealing up front as opposed to after a safari.

(2)putting the NBO days up front allows time for any lost luggage to catch up with you. It also allows a spare day in case of flight delays.

Ask your safari provider for drive times between locations. These can be lengthy and are not game viewing opps. Once you have this info you can decide if you prefer a driving safari (usually a little less expensive) or a flying safari (usually more $$ly). But you are going in non-peak time, so there is a built in savings.

Have a nice trip, whatever you decide.
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Jan 27th, 2016, 07:58 AM
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You could substitute Ol Pejeta for Nakuru if you want to see rhinos. It will also make the drive to Samburu the following day shorter. There are several accommodation options on Ol Pejeta.

Solio (more or less in the same Central Highlands region as Ol Pejeta) will practically guarantee rhinos. There's only one fairly expensive lodge on Solio but there are reasonable accommodations outside of the reserve nearby.
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Jan 27th, 2016, 12:10 PM
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We just booked for summer 2017. The more you use the same company, the more they are willing to sweeten the deal (free nights, exclusive use of vehicle etc.)
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