Trip Report Self Drive Botswana August 2013


Jan 30th, 2014, 08:07 AM
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Hi Robin, so glad you enjoyed the book. If you enjoyed it half as much as I have enjoyed all your trip reports then I am very pleased. You and Robert have inspired us to self drive and we will be following in your footsteps in the Kgalagadi later this year, all wilderness camps.

We did love the Woolworths in Botswana and South Africa, such lovely food and very high quality. Hilary's in Maun was just as good as you recommended.

The photographs of Third Bridge were taken to exclude the other campers! Especially the French family with several teenagers who were cutting down many trees for their camp fire. I told them to stop, in French!, but they just shrugged. I did explain that if we all did that there would be nothing left for future generations. OH well. The Hyena did give them a fright later on, lol.

Each trip since our first in 2011 has brought excellent Wild Dog encounters. We have been very lucky.

No problems with bandits at Ihaha, there are security guards driving around in the evening and during the night. Woke me up with their headlights at 2am. It was a bit worrying as of course not sure if it was security or bandits!!!

Kymie put the heads carves on for us. She is a great character! The night on the pans was something we would love to do again. It was not quite as cold as we expected as the bed rolls were very cosy.

It took me a moment or two to pluck up courage to cross that bridge at Tuli Block but once over it was fun when I realised I wasn't going to fall off.

Thank you for reading the book, its so nice to talk to other's who have experieced the same amazing animals, "roads", the lovely people and Botswana, such a safe place to travel alone. Looking forward to hearing about your next trip, and don't forget the velcro. Charlie
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