Trip report 7 days in Egypt

Nov 9th, 2004, 05:27 AM
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Trip report 7 days in Egypt

I came back yesterday from a wonderful trip including Luxor,Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh.
In Luxor, we spent 3 full days staying at Movenpick jolie ville on crocodile island.It is located 3 kms south of Luxor with a wonderful view on Nile.In 3days we had time to visit temples and archeological museum(very interesting) of Luxor, Karnak(with light and sound show-it last 1h15),valley of kings(we arrived there at 8:00 am,it is better to arrive at 6:30 due to crowd),valley of queens and Hatshipsute temple with our french guide.On last morning, we also woke up at 5 am for the air balloon fly over West Bank-sensational(100usd per person).It really worths it.With all those visits ,we had time to enjoy the hotel swimming pool in the afernoon and to watch sunset resting along the Nile.
On the fourth day we left early(6:30am-*1hour flight)to Cairo.There another guide picked us at airport an we arrived at Cairo museum around 9 am for a 2 hours visit(you may stay of course longer)but we saw ,Ithink the best part including of course TuthanKamon
tomb treasure and mummies room.We then left for Guiseh Pyramids including an inside visit of Mykerinos(if you suffer claustrophobia,you are better to stay outside).We stayed there up to 2:30 pm and had lunch in a typical restaurant nearby.We had time the to rest for one hour at Sofitel near Pyramids and then our guide took us to visit Islamic Cairo with little streets including little shops and nice bars.We were back at tthe airport arond 8:00pm ,having still enough time to catch the 10pm flight to Sharm El Sheikh.
In Sharm,we stayed 4 nights at the (very big),Movenpick golf resort,nicely located along a reef where you can enjoy snorkling.I highly recommend to visit Ras Mhammed park for diving or snorkling also.Of course there is anice golf club beside the hotel(for players ,I suggest to play very early-starting before 7:30am -itis very hot from 9am).We also made the quad escapade in the mountains nearby including tea andwonderful sunset view on Sinai mountains(alittle bit tricky but fun).
In conclusion ,for people who do not have more than a week(excluding outbound flights)I can assure ,itis possible to visit part of Egypt combining culture, visit and rest in such a short period.We were 6 including 4 children aged from 11 to 17
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Nov 9th, 2004, 09:53 AM
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WOW! - That was a very full week. Glad you were able to do everything you wanted - and still relax. Did you have the guides pre-arranged? Was it through a company? There was some question about the Balloon rides on the board, good to see they are still in operation. And from what I can tell you got a pretty good price actually.
Thank you for the report - always enjoy them!
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Nov 9th, 2004, 01:33 PM
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Except for Cairo,our guides were not prearranged by our travel agent.We used in fact the services of the local companyc that made the( prearranged )transfer from airport to hotel for us.In fact ,they all propose their services of guiding after your arrival.Of course you can find guides locally and you can even discuss prices for their services but it might take you some time to find reliable guides with good references.In our case ,we did not have enough time to do it that way and I hardly could find any through internet forums.
Concerning air balloons rides,you are meanwhile better to ask you guide once you are there instead of making prereservations for which you will have to pay additional fees.
My last advice at least for Luxor,do not ask the hotel for these services.They can do it of course but will charge you at least 30% more than normal prices
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Nov 11th, 2004, 01:37 PM
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Thank you for posting your trip. Sounds like you had fun. We are planning a very hectic, whirlwind trip, hoping to hit all the spots including Abu Simbel. This gives me some hope that maybe we can do it.

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Nov 28th, 2004, 07:28 PM
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PATFOX - Wow, it sounds like you had a great trip! Did you use a local travel agent to arrange your trip for you? Perphaps you can share the info?
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Dec 1st, 2004, 06:07 AM
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For Egypt you can hardly book directly with a local agent because travel is in hands of tour operators and Egypt air.When I tried to call Egypt air directly they answered everything was sold out or that I would stay on waiting list.Through my agent and the tour operator(mine was called 7Plus)we got places.That is the reason why Egypt is not an expansive destination compared to many others.The best you can do if you want a trip "à la carte" as we did is to book your flights and hotels with your own travelagent(in your country).He will find the best operator that suit your desire.If you need a guide, do not worry ,you will find plenty when you arrive provided that you know what you want to do and to see,you won't regret that choice.Therefore it is important to read as much as possible in advance in guiding books or internet ,except if you want only to lay on the beach (not recommended anyway-better to dive )during your stay.Also,except if you travel alone ,do not visit with groups.It is always better to have your guide available for you and your friends only.It won't be too expansive
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Dec 2nd, 2004, 11:40 PM
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I am finishing up a 3 and a half week trip in Egypt. I have many comments but will leave just this one. As far as the ballon goes- I tried twice-and was cancelled twice. "Sky-Cruise" I was to be charged $150. one time and $120 the next. The winds pick up early, if you only have a few days try to arrange your flight the first day, and be flexible with your tours. If the ballon is cancelled you still have another day. The second time I tried to go up, the group of 18 all watched as the ballon from a different company tore lifted up then down then up then the entire ballon ripped apart. There is also wind issues related to the landing. The days before we heard of more than one balloon landing in the military zone. THis is what shuts the companies down. I would sign up again in a second. All the reports I heard said it was absolutly fantasitc! Go for the sunrise, which now into December means a pick up at 05:00 to 05:45. should be worth it. dont forget to bargin for your price. Always!
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