Travelling in Morocco!!


Mar 24th, 2001, 04:01 AM
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Travelling in Morocco!!

hi everyone
my name is mouhammed ,i do guide in Azrou ,middle atlas mountanis ,morocco.if you wanna have a guide for your next trip in Morocco ,peoples looking for genuine Morocco ,i suggest to be their guide for a while, speaking several languages,good knowledge about moroccan history & cultures, contact ma at ([email protected])
or to call me: 00212 063 322 624.
have FUN , Regards . **************Introduction************
AZROU(1;300 m/Altitude) ,a nice small berber town in the
Middle Atlas mountains (about 43.000 H) ,everything is so
relaxing here, not like in big cities like Casablanca or
Fez ,from Fez or Meknes it's about 1 hour driving ,cross-raod between defferent part of Morocco ,Fez & Rif mountains up North,Meknes & Rabat West,Desert South East ,Marrakech &
High Atlas South...
**********How to go to AZROU*********
Meknes is the first imperial town which you can
visited from AZrou,in it's area there is Volubilis the Roman town .
After that you can spand a while in Fez the capital of
knowledge & spirituality ,where the TIME haven't a
value ,where you can lost yourself around the small streets.
From Fez you can take the way of desert by Azrou,where
you can spand a time in the berber landscape , with a rich
vegetation ,cedre forest ,lacs ,monkey ,birds ,mountains..
Anyway here you can get a hikke upon the Middle Atlas area
& spanding a time on the berber landscape.
i think that Azrou was exchanged since tweenty years ago ,in
the mountality of the people ,a new generation who want to
breack all the TABOO ,& an old genuine population who still
keep the traditional way of berber life with the conceptions of
relagion ,islamic culture & transhimence between the MIddle
Atlas area .that's Azrou in it's socio-cultural view.
i think that Getting there & Away in the area of Azrou is one of the best which you could do during your next travel in Morocco .
***************where to stay************
starting your journy in Azrou ,you can try several
Hotel for staying ,hotel Panorama is one of the
high category about 400 DH for a double room - shower
inside the room- (phone:00212 55562010),hotel des Cedres
(00212 55562326) is in the centre of the town ,about 133 Dh
for a double / 75 Dh for single -comman shower-,Hotel Azrou
(000212 55562116)is inclouding in the same category ,
Hotels called Salam,Beausejour,Ziz,are about 60 Dh for a
double -comman shower.
*************why to came to Azrou***********
Anyway ,For Getting there and Away ,if you have a car you
can have a while around the cedre forest starting by the big cedre called Goureau ,then the Monkey's valley ,they are several groups of barber-apes ,you can also drive around the seven lacs of the Middle Atlas to the waterfall of Oum R-bia who is the spring of Oum R-bia's river ,and you can also discover the berbers in there transhumance , on the way back from the waterfall there is the berber village of Aîn-Leuh ,something a bit defferent to Azrou.
For any more informations try to contact me at
([email protected])

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