Travel in Style in Morocco


Oct 10th, 2005, 02:09 AM
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Travel in Style in Morocco

Enjoyed the first 4 days of our Honeymoon in Marrakech and wanted to thank the board posters for turning us on to a great guide. We hired Mr. Hamid Dandane (email guide us for 3 days and we couldn't have been happier with his services or with the pleasure of his company. Our only regret is that we did not make time to go into the Sahara on this trip, but reason enough to return to this beautiful country.
Also wanted to advise travelers re La Mamounia Hotel. The quality of the rooms in the hotel really varies and we found staying in a riad was far more romantic and generally less expensive. Thank you again fellow travelers!
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Oct 25th, 2005, 10:39 AM
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My wife and I were in Morocco for 9 days last Sept 2005. We also used Hamid Dandane. Hamid picked us up from the ferry port in Tangier. (We had a little mix up with timing since we forgot to account for the time difference between Spain and Morocco, Hamid arrived as quickly as he could and everything worked out fine.)
From Tangier we went to Fes. Wow what a sensory overload. Whether you hire a guide when you get to Fes or before hand, you will need a guide. Period. No great sense of direction, no GPS, no sixth sense will suffice. Trust me on this one. The Medina of Fes is like going back in time 1000 years. Hold on to your cookies ladies you may never eat meat again. ; )

From Fes we made our way down to the dunes at the top of the Sahara Desert. Wowzers! Donít miss if you have the time. Pictures donít even come close to the sun coming up over the desert.

Then we were off to Marrakech. I would recommend you do your shopping here. A guide is not necessary for Marrakech if you have you wits about you and you will get much better prices from the souks without a guide. The quality of handy crafts is better in Fes but you will pay a lot more. Most of the stuff you will buy in Morocco will be for the novelty of it soÖ

Hamid was a pleasure to deal with. He is very knowledgeable and quite friendly. Hamid is a true professional and extremely tactful. He knows his stuff, speaks great English (plus a few other languages), is always polite and impeccably on time.

Morocco is a great country to visit. We would have never been able to see all we did in the time we had without Hamid.

Below is his contact information;

[email protected]
Mobile: 212 0 61 35 39 54

Tim & Holli Nassis
Toronto, CANADA
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Oct 27th, 2005, 09:34 AM
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We just got back from Morocco and you must be the couple Hamid was dropping off at the airport and picking us up. We had a very culturally enriching and fascinating experience with Hamid. We spent 11 days travelling throught Morocco and have to say the Sahara was one of our favorite spots. Sorry you missed it. Esssaouria is also a must see. Our trip was during Ramadan, and would not hesitate to recommend that time of year to visit. It was very moving to see firsthand the people of an entire country sacrafice and celebrate their religion.
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Jan 19th, 2006, 05:11 AM
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My sister and I just returned from a 4 day trip to Morocco and had an amazing experience thanks to our wonderful guide, Hamid Dandane [[email protected]]. Before arriving, we had safety concerns as first time travelers to northern africa. To the contrary, thanks to Hamid, we could not have felt safer or more taken care of during our trip. When we exited the ferry in Tangier, Hamid was right there waiting for us and we did not have to deal with any hassles. From Tangier we drove to Fez, where we stayed for the duration of our trip. After telling Hamid our price range, he made reservations for us at an amazing riad -which was reasonably priced and, literally, the nicest place i've ever stayed. Fez was amazing city and Hamid brought it to life for us by telling us all about the history and culture, and answering all of our questions (which were many). During one day, we visited mountain villages, which allowed us to see very diverse landscapes that we hadn't anticipated seeing in morocco.
We had a wonderful experience in morocco and cannot wait to return, particularly because of the moroccon people --all of whom were incredibly warm and friendly. Even though we are young american women, one of whom is a flaming red head...we did'nt get hassled by men on the street. Whenever we wanted to buy something, Hamid always helped us to negotiate the price and made clear to us that there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything.
I cannot recommend Hamid more highly. His knowledge and personality made morocco an unforgettable experience and we are looking forward to returning for a longer trip. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].
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