Train in Egypt


Oct 7th, 1999, 07:18 PM
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Train in Egypt

Can anyone tell me anything about the "1st class WagonLits sleeper " train between Cairo and Luxor.

Are they uppers and lowers. Is the food a sack-type breakfast and dinner, or served in a dining room?

Clean? Safe?

I appreciate any responses.

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Oct 7th, 1999, 08:32 PM
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Hi Rosemary,
my wife and I travelled on the train to Aswan and then again overnight from Luxor to Cairo in April.
The Wagonlit sleeper accomodation is comparitively modern. Theyre made of those modular fibreglass units so everything is clean. The top bed folds down in the evening. Because we boarded after dinner, we only had breakfast which was delivered to the cabin and served on a fold-out table.
As is the case of all eating venues in Egypt, tea and coffee must be paid for. The breakfast itself was "airline" style and pretty awful if I recall. On the platform at your starting point, there is a stall with potato chips, biscuits and drinks which was pretty good value.
As for safety, in Cairo you use a different "Tourist" station, not the main one. At all stations, you are shepherded to the 1st class end of the platform where discreet but well armed tourist police ensure nobody bothers you.
Toilets are at the end of each carriage and were reasonable.
Hope this helps, Email me if you want any further info on this or our other Egyptian travel experiences
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