Train / Bus Schedules in Morocco


Feb 22nd, 1999, 10:04 AM
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Train / Bus Schedules in Morocco

Does anyone know how to get hold of train and bus schedules in Morocco in the month of May? Can anyone suggest the most interesting itinerary for one week starting in Tangiers and ending up back there.
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Mar 2nd, 1999, 02:05 PM
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There's a great website for the Moroccan train system. The trains go almost everywhere, and rather than the busses (which work just fine but are CROWDED), consider hiring a GRAND TAXI. These are giant Mercedes whose drivers will take you just about anywhere (we took one from Tangier to Chefchaouen - about 2 hours - for about $40, split three ways - not as cheap as a bus [which would have been about $2] but $13 was a bargain.
For an itinerary: Day 1: arrive Tangier, take a Grand Taxi to Chefchaouen
Day 2: Mid day, take a Grand Taxi to Fez
Day 3: Late day, train to Meknes
Day 4: Meknes, Volubilis
Day 5: Train to Marrakesh
Day 6: Marrakesh, take overnight train to Tangier
Day 7: Tangier
Casablanca is a big, dirty port city with no movie romance; Rabat is a pretty city with one or two sights. It's a rigorous itinerary, but Morocco has lots to offer. Chefchaouen is a mountain village (white buildings, blue trim like Greek isles), shrouded in fog, home of ex-pat American hippies left from the 60's (supposed to be the drug capitol of Morocco, but we saw no signs of that - an occasional whiff of marijuana but that's all), very pretty. Volubilis is a Roman city left in ruins, you pay a small admission fee so you can wander around unattended. Only your morals keep you from taking a piece of ancient sculpture or Roman mosaic. If the roman ruins or the mountain village don't tweak your interest, you could add another day to Marrakesh (there's LOTS to see there). The medina in Fez is not to be missed, but PLEASE hire an official guide (thru your hotel or the tourist office) to see it. Ditto for Marrakesh's medina. Don't hire ANYBODY at the docks or train stations; they are cons who'll take you to a rug shop where you'll be forced to purchase something if you want to get out of the medina...the official guides are licensed by the government and are a wealth of information...all for US$25 a day...unbelievable...
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