Tour to Morocco-General Tours, Petrabax?


Jan 13th, 2001, 08:02 AM
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Tour to Morocco-General Tours, Petrabax?

I've been looking at a couple of tours to Morocco with Petrabax (operated by Coastafrica) or with General Tours. Has anyone taken a tour in Morocco with either? I'm leaning towards the hosted, not escorted, tour offered by General Tours which doesn't seem to cram as much into the tour and also allows for more free time, stops in Casablanca (not overnight), Rabat, Fez and Marrakech, brief stop in Meknes.

The other two tours are escorted, one adds Voloubilis, the other Tangier which I have already visited.

Any thoughts?
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Jan 13th, 2001, 10:11 PM
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dear kris,

you can contact explore travel in morocco ,they are excellent their email is [email protected]

good luck
jordan holidays/jordan
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Jan 15th, 2001, 01:27 PM
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We took a very reasonable tour with Cosmos (based out of the US and Switzerland) called Jewels of Morocco last summer. They are escorted but we felt it was much needed as our trip into the desert area needed an escort to tell us where we could eat safely. The sanitary conditions are less than I expected and we sure weren't staying in any Holiday Inns! Overall, it was a WONDERFUL experience and has been our favorite international trip so far. Email me with more questions if you'd like. The Cosmos tours offer bus trips to the various sites, a morning of included sightseeing and then 12-18 hours of free days. You can purchase their optional tours or strike out on your own. This tour went to al the cities you described as well as into the Sahara Desert (best experience!)
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Jan 15th, 2001, 02:40 PM
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hi, just back from morocco, we didn't take a tour, just went on our own, and i think you can do it without an escort. you can always book tours once you get in the country; these will cost less than anything you book prior to going, and once you're in the country and have talked to some people and gotten a feel for it, you may have a better idea of where you want to go. i also must put in a plug for going to the desert _ we took a three-day tour (12 people in a little van) to Erfoud//Merzouga to see the dunes, stopping in the gorges along the way. It was the highlight of the trip for me. enjoy morocco - it's an amazing place!
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